Kimi no Iru Machi, A Town Where You Live Episode 2 Review

I seriously lose WAY too much sleep on the weekends because all my summer series episodes release mainly on Saturdays… but it’s totally worth it because of great episodes like this one!

This episode of “A Town Where You Live” picks up right where the pilot ended, with Haruto having bumped into Rin, Eba’s sister. Rin deliberately presses Haruto for his reasons for “stalking” Eba all the way to Tokyo but Haruto calmly explains that he wants to hear Eba’s true feelings through her own words. Rin offers to bring Eba out, to clear things up quickly. As we wait for Eba to appear, the rest of the episode flashes back into Haruto’s memories, to Hiroshima where Haruto first met Eba.

highRating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds 4 CloudsExcited Transparent

We learn right off the bat that Eba and Haruto’s fathers were close friends which is why Eba is living at Haruto’s house when she first arrives. Haruto slowly adjusts to living with a new and cute stranger in his house as Eba adjusts to life in the countryside.

A bit of comedy and an incident with panties ensues as Haruto and Eba learn a little bit about each other’s personalities.

girkanzakiWhat really surprised me is that even though Haruto thinks Eba is cute and both constantly blush at each other in cute but awkward moments, Haruto is actually crushing on another girl named Nanami Kanzaki. Since the story is told from Haruto’s point of view and his character drives the story, we can’t be too sure how Eba or any of the other characters feel. Even though we know that Eba and Haruto eventually fall in love, despite the hints of attraction between the two, Eba doesn’t hesitate to help Haruto with his affections for Nanami.

She went so far as to hold out in the steamy hot springs alone so that Haruto and Nanami would have a chance to converse alone. In the end, Nanami found that Eba had actually fainted from soaking too long. The episode ends with Haruto riding on his bike with Eba sitting behind him. As Eba is retelling her side of the story to Haruto, he realizes what a selfless and thoughtful person she is. They ride on home in silence.

I hope we get the full story of flashbacks in one go next episode but mostly likely the producers will keep us in suspense and spread out Haruto and Eba’s story till some dramatic turning point. I’m really interested in this anime now and I really want to know if Haruto and Eba will end up together, or Haruto will end up falling for another girl that he meets while he’s struggling with his feelings.

Man I wish my Japanese was better so I could read the light novel! Nothing beats the original!

That’s all for this week’s episode. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did and I’m looking forward to downloading the music to this anime. It’s so calming and carefree, perfect for a morning walk around the neighbourhood 😉 Thank you guys so much for dropping in!

– Cloudy

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