Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 3 Review

Hi everyone! I’m a little late with this episode’s review but here it is! A bit more of William’s mysterious past life was revealed in bits and pieces throughout this episode.


Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds 35 CloudsExcited Transparent

At the academy, the Father Crosby continues to sense demons and evil presences at the school. Dantalion and Sytry are becoming increasingly popular and William’s expressions are getting funnier xD Surprisingly, Isaac is the one who’s taking all of this in stride and not raving about science and physics in the face of magical demons.

oaspsrThe more that William’s pressed to make a choice as an Elector, the more he sticks to his realist ways. He visits the church hoping for some peace and quiet but notives the head by, Nathan Caxton, exiting the building. He then runs into Father Crosby and asks if it’s possible to exorcise demons. Add the pastor to the list of suspicious persons…

William, after having researched his ancestor King Solomon, orders Dantalion to leave him alone. Dantalion agrees but reminds William that only his seventy-two pillars will listen to him and other demons are bound to attack him; this would explain his ability in the past episode to dispel both Sytry and Dantalion’s powers as they were fighting. Dantalion also tells William that he doesn’t obey William due to his lineage… He seems to hold some connection to Solomon. Perhaps they were more than just master and servant. William on the other hand, doesn’t seem to remember anything about his past life.


Back at the dorms, as Isaac brings up the possibility of ghosts in front of William, Sytry appears warning him of potential danger. Sytry asks William why he doesn’t remember his past. (I have a feeling it has to do with the ring) Suddenly, someone in another room cries out, after having seen a ghost. It turns out be another demon and it runs off before Sytry can properly fight him.

sorySytry tracks the demon back to the church, when he opens the door, an explosion takes place and Pastor Crosby weakens Sytry with an explosion. Turns out that Crosby knows all about the competition in hell for interim ruler and recognizes William as the Elector. Sytry tries to fight Crosby and is subdued. As always, Dantalion shows up at the good part!! He jumps into the fight between Sytry and Crosby to create a force field around the battlefield.

mm wha

Isaac recognizes Crosby as an exorcist, members of the church who specialize in eliminating demons. When Dantalian questions the priest, Crosby reveals that due to William’s influence in hell and his bond to Lucifer, the church needs to eliminate him. Before Dantalian attacks Crosby, he remarks on the past Church of England and the reformists. What’s his back story? If he was once linked to the church, how did he become a demon? I reeeeally want to know! He’s become such an intriguing character… But before he kills Crosby, William calls on Dantalion to stop, once more dispelling his magic.


“Don’t reject me. I am bound to you. For eternity.”

eterI love Dantalian’s loyalty to William. It’s really endearing… but William is a realist till the end, practical and almost unfeeling, determined to prove the disappearing tricks of demons with science. But at least he’s no longer denying the existence of demons.

Flash out to a meeting of Crosby and the higher-ups in the church. Apparently, the pact between Solomon and his seventy-two pillars still hold holds true within the demons themselves.

The next day, William is back to worrying about his future due to his very complicated present and past. For demons who are suppose to be big and scary, they seem like pretty nice guys ^^


Now that Pastor Crosby is in the hospital, a new Pastor has come to replace him – and it’s… WILLIAM’S BUTLER KEVIN?

The episode was so-so but takes a turn for the better at the end with Dantalion’s appearance in the fight against Crosby. Hopefully it’s a transition episode to more exciting events.

Thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for next week’s recap and review!

– Cloudy

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