Brothers Conflict Episode 4 Review


Chi’s been living with the family in the new house for four months now, she’s becoming a stable presence in the house and all the other brothers relay news to her as to whether or not they’ll be home. Ukyo seems a little troubled by his replacement, but he’s a very caring brother to Chi nonetheless. I love the little schedule charted with all the brothers, their schedules and whether or not they’ll be home for dinner.

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds 5 CuriousClouds Transparent


Chi seems like your average cutesy polite girl but it turns out that she likes playing video games and it just so happens that the new game is produced by her older brother Natsume and voiced by her other two brothers Tsubaki and Azusa. After watching the promotional event hosted by the twins, Natsume sends Chi a copy of the new game still in the works. After being stuck at the sandy level she meets up with Natsume to discuss the glitches.

egerolewAt the same time, Azusa was given the lead role for the new anime that Tsubaki originally wanted, causing a slight rift between the two. Though Chi doesn’t know the details, Natsume has received word about this within the entertainment industry. Natsume advises Chi to leave the twins to settle their problems on their own.

It’s winter outside and with Christmas approaching, Natsume gives Chi his scarf as an early Christmas present as he’ll be increasingly busy with work this season. Chi runs into Azusa on her way home who tells her that he’s going to turn down the role. Chi tells Azusa that even if he declines the role and it goes to Tsubaki, his brother won’t be happy. At that moment, Tsubaki appears to convince his brother to take the role as he’s his brother’s number one fan in the world. The twins are so cute!

aosAfter Azusa leaves to call his manager, Tsubaki and Chi take a walk. Tsubaki reveals his admiration and frustration of his brother. Chi gives Tsubaki advice and encouragement, telling him that one day there will be a role that only his voice can fill. Tsubaki, moved by his sister’s words, kisses her. Just before the episode ends, he remarks on the men’s scarf that’s wrapped around Chi. After the ending song plays, it’ revealed that Hikaru’s watching in the distance.

mrph… Is it incest? I’m not entirely sure… Yes, Chi and Tsubaki are siblings by biologically, they’re not related. Could Chi marry one of her brothers if she wanted to? I’m so confused! But I any girl would be with fourteen new super cute brothers. Who are you guys shipping so far?

This episode is probably my favourite so far. With the wedding over and Chi officially accepted into the family, she’s finally started to interact with her brothers. I’m curious to compare each of the characters’ personalities, whether their similar in one way and different in all others or completely different people despite their slight blood relation. Also, some conflict is brewing and a lot of drama’s to come if the other members of the family find out that Tsubaki kissed Chi. I really think Juli’s right when she says that Chi leaves herself COMPLETELY OPEN! But at least the series is starting to pick up its pace.

What do you guys think of the ending song? I find it super catchy and it’s going to be officially released on July 31, a week from today so definitely look forward to that! I hope you girls are getting as excited about BroCon as I am! Thank you all for reading and more posts are coming your way!

– Cloudy

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