Witness Insecurity Drama Review

 66323ee5jw1dtwqfiw7qjjHey guys, today I’m gonna share a different series with all called Witness Insecurity. It’s a Chinese drama series produced by TVB and stars Bosco Wong as Hui Wai Sum and Linda Chung as Hailey Kiu Chi Lam. The story follows Sum as an officer of the Witness Protection Unit who’s assigned to protect Chi Lam when she becomes a key witness in an assassination attempt on her uncle.

Rating: 4.5/5 really emotional clouds 45 CloudswiththeFeels

This is how the series starts out. When Sum and Chi Lam meet, their relationships is strictly professional. If you think this is one of those classic stories where the really pretty rich princess falls in love with her knight and protector, then you’ll have half-guessed it, but that’s not the entire story. Due to the tragedy of her brother’s death, Chi Lam suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, reluctant to come in contact with strangers and shies away from social circles. She’s always grown up as a sheltered and carefully monitored child. Her only release from her depression is through music where she plays the cello.


ub751jxuSum and Chi Lam come from entirely different social circles. Sum grew up in an orphanage and becomes an independent, quick-minded and resourceful police officer. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, but due to the disappearance and death of his former girlfriend, he’s reluctant to venture into future romances.

Throughout the entire series, Kiu Gong San goes from being loving father to Chi Lam and Sum’s antagonist. Even after Sum saves Chi Lam caught amidst a storm and Kiu Gong San is profoundly moved by the workings of fate, he opposes his daughter’s relationship due shady business dealings that don’t often align with the principles of the law.


Sum, as an officer of the WPU unit and later of the Criminal Investigation Division, isn’t one of your classic romantic heroes that give up his career and his principles to run away with the girl of his dreams. He has ideals, and these ideals are strongly rooted into the very core of his being. He knows himself rather well and because he’s aware of what background Chi Lam comes from and what business her father does, he decides to avoid a relationship with her despite his lingering emotions. From start to finish, other than what I’ve listed above, he’s actually a rather difficult character to read. He’s always the one helping his colleagues, friends or family members with problems. Most often, he’s able to handle himself. When it comes to Chi Lam, there’s some uncertainty of whether he’s fallen in love anew or if finding Chi Lam on the mountain was a substitute for his former girlfriend that he couldn’t find. However I do believe he developed feelings for Chi Lam because at the start of the story but it was his professional attitude as an officer of the law that stood between him and her.

On a 21st century of a modern twist, Chi Lam is actually the one who decides to pursue Sum romantically, using his younger cousin Jojo to create small coincidences to see him. Of course, due to their social statuses and backgrounds, Chi Lam’s father Kiu Gong Kiu Gong San is strictly opposed to the two of them dating. Chi Lam goes from being a quiet and moody pampered princess into a mature adult who learns how to handle emotion and juggle relationships. Despite her constant pursuits of Sum, she never pressures him into a relationship with her as she’s fully aware of the incident with his late girlfriend. Her final resolve is to hold onto her feelings and to hope that one day Sum can let her into her heart. You don’t see heroines like this very often, especially in dramas when the main characters are suppose to meet, instantly fall in love, go through some serendipitous obstacles and then live happily ever after.




The ending is… sudden and surprising. You don’t expect Sum to die like that, not after nineteen episodes when Kiu Gong San finally gives his blessing to the couple before he’s arrested. I guess it was an interesting move on the part of the producer and director. Chi Lam’s emotional and mental state has always been unsteady. What happens to her after her mother’s death, brother’s death, her father and uncle’s arrest as well as the death of her boyfriend? I feel that Chi Lam’s background is already really morbid and the additional death of Sum at the end of the series was a little over the top. The ending is realistic and it’s also unrealistic. After Sum was hit by a car, why didn’t his colleagues stop him from getting on the bike? Perhaps the ending was an instance similar to miracle stories. I think by the end, we only get a true acknowledgement of Sum’s feelings towards Chi Lam after he’s been hit by the car to save Kiu Gong San. Though he’s stumbling and nearly unconscious, he’s determined to get to Chi Lam before his time is up.

The insert song that was chosen to represent the couple was “The Moon Represents My Heart – Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin.” It starts off as Sum’s favourite karaoke song and becomes a song that Linda constantly cherishes due to its connection to him. Throughout the series, it’s only sung by Linda but what made the tears spill over was when Sum is riding the motorcycle to find Chi Lam, Bosco joins into the song and it becomes a duet just as Sum dies in Chi Lam’s arms. The script and Sum’s last words are also clever and well placed.

The song repeats as the credits run through and we get to see snippets of their short time together… Honestly I really wished there was a sequel. If Sum survived, he would have had to help Chi Lam through her emotional difficulties regarding her father, but perhaps Chi Lam wouldn’t be able to be with Sum due to his association it his father’s arrest. It would make for a good romance story adjacent to the crime-solving plotline.



wi2Chi Lam and Sum remind me a bit of Romeo and Juliet. They were fated to meet but in the end not fated to be together. Even Chi Lam’s father and her uncle remark on the strangely coincidental meetings of the two. While Sum is struggling with his decision to choose Chi Lam or his career, his beloved student Yang Yiu Tong, nicknamed “Brother” is caught up in a crime scene related to Chi Lam’s father and is shot dead. This strengthens Sum’s resolve to keep his morals and uphold his duty as an officer. Just as Mercutio’s death drove Romeo to revenge, Brother’s death becomes Sum’s greatest motivation to bring Kiu Gong San to justice. This becomes yet another wedge between Chi Lam and Sum. I think Sum was always hoping to find Chi Lam after everything with his police work was tied up. Perhaps he had confidence that he could win her over even after arresting her father because he knows that she knows what kind of person he is and what he values. He also knew that if he turned a blind eye to Kiu Gong San’s crimes, they would always clash even as relatives if Sum pursued a relationship with Chi Lam.

1352888678_e7c9All in all, a very good drama wrapped up with a tender and bittersweet ending. I rather enjoyed Linda’s rendition of “The Moon Represents My Heart,” giving it a new beat and fresh sounding vocals. The opening song, “The Story Happily Ever After” is also one of my new favourites since I heard it on her most recent album “Love Love Love.” I’m always iffy with Linda’s acting but I think she did a good job with this character. I can’t think of any other actress that could have embodied Kiu Chi Lam more than her. Bosco as Sum, her romantic interest also become a captivating character of the series and I would like to see Bosco and Linda together in future series before judging whether or not they’re truly a good pair.

Thank you guys for sticking with me through this really long review. This was me pouring out my feelings and thoughts after the conclusion of the series. If you guys enjoyed this, remember to click like! I don’t usually do drama reviews but thank you so much for reading!

– Cloudy

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