Missions of Love Volume 4 Review

ahHi everyone! Today I’m finally looking at Missions of Love volume 4! A lot happens in this volume and a lot of emotions are thrown out here and there.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

After Akira’s constant pursuits of Yukina and Shigure’s struggle with his own feelings, the story is turning into a love square with Mami having entered the picture. After being ill-ridden, Mami has returned to school and although she acts like a perfect student and all around nice girl, she’s somewhat creepily obsessed with Shigure and is definitely turning into Yukina’s opposition when it comes to love. I also have a feeling that Mami is the cell-phone novel author that’s constantly competing with Yukina on the ratings chart…



owe_2Shigure and Akira are both going for Yukina, mirroring the characters in Yukina’s cell phone novel, the Count and the Knight are also in love with Yukina’s protagonist Lilia. Yukina continues to use missions of love to understand romance and write better plot interactions, however, she’s starting to get caught up in the romance herself. I’m fairly sure that Yukina and Shigure will end up together in the end SOMEHOW but I wonder how much drama and miscommunication is going to ensue before we get to the point where these two stubborn characters will openly admit their feelings for each other. What happens when Shigure finds out that Yukina was originally using him for novel ideas?

overAt the end of this volume, upon losing a bet to Mizuno, Yukina has not only lost out on finding out one of Shigure’s secrets but also must follow Mami’s orders. Mami’s plan to keep Shigure to herself is starting to unfold!


I’m not sure if I read way too quickly or the manga volumes are getting shorter and better. The story flies by too quickly and I LIVE for Yukina X Shigure moments! I’m really rooting for them! Volume 5 comes out on October 22 this year so I guess I’ll have to wait a few months before I get the next part of the story.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. I decided to try a new approach with this review. Instead of summarizing every minute detail, I wanted to give little bits and pieces but mostly remark on the volume as a whole, very different from my usual reviews that provide specific recaps. Hopefully it’s not as tedious to read and I hope you guys liked it! If you haven’t picked up volume 4 yet, you should definitely grab a copy! Happy reading and have a great week!


– Cloudy

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