Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 4 Review

10221457bThis episode starts off from Kiyone’s point of view. She’s a student at an art school but her and the other students are constantly being overshadowed by Yume Higashiyama, the rich and pretty daughter of a famous politician. When Kiyone is walking home one night, brooding angrily about Yume’s popularity, a mysterious boy beckons her to a table of cards and begins to coerce her thinking into negative thoughts.

talWhat’s most interesting this episode is the storytelling from the victim’s point of view before the Daemonia take over them. We watch them descend from discomfort into despair and into blind rage, the various stages and events that conspire into their final fate. However, jumping back and forth between Akari’s life at Sefiro Fiore and the bits and pieces of the victim’s story constantly breaks my train of thought and attention for the storyline…

Rating: 3/5 complacent cloudsCrop_3 ComplacentCloudst

firheBack at Sefiro Fiore, Akari is having her physical examination. Everyone is curious about Akari’s ability to hear the voices of the Daemonia. Luna believes Akari but Ginka wonders if Akari’s just imagining things while Seira states that there’s no point to Akari’s ability as the Daemonia are to be exterminated regardless.

Meanwhile, Kiyone is finishing up for the day at her school, reflecting upon the advice of the mysterious figure. She oversees Yume and her friend embracing romantically and pulls out the dark tarot card she received from the stranger, her emotions beginning to boil over.

classAkari is also at school, learning about the origin of the tarot cards and the history behind the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana and fortune telling. The tarot cards originally stem from the Tree of Life. To control the Tree’s power, the Aeon tarot was created, and from that, the Diablos cards and the Daemonia that come with it.

etThe Daemonia are demons that are using tarot cards to possess a person’s Tree of Life. They overtake their fate and change it. In order to exterminate the Daemonia, the elemental tarot was created, also originating from the Aeon tarot. The power of the elemental tarot derives from one’s lineage while the Daemonia multiply by dividing oneself.

efOver a discussion at lunch, Akari and Star clash with their varying views of the Daemonia. They’ve both obviously lost a close one to the Daemonia but where Akari believes in each human’s life despite their destructive end, Seira claims that Daemonia possessed humans are weak and deserve to be eliminated. Akari runs out to the balcony after hearing Seira’s harsh words. She remembers that she wasn’t able to hear the voice of the person that mattered the most even though when that person was possessed by a Daemonia.

relGinka visits Seira to cheer her up. Ginka seems to understand her the most as they had originally been locked together in the dungeon upon arrival.

craeAt the art academy, Kyone’s gone insane from her emotions. She pours her negative feelings and frustration into her heart, producing a hauntingly beautiful piece for the art show and takes first place. In a conversation between her friends, we learn that Yume didn’t participate in the show due to a car accident and it’s revealed that all her paintings were torn up. When Kyone is leaving the gallery, the stranger appears. She thanks the boy for being able to kill Yume and win the art show. He asks her if she desires more and Kyone is swallowed into the temptations of the Daemonia as the demon fully consumes her mind and body, causing her to wreak havoc at Yume’s funeral.


The elemental tarot girls fly to the scene of the crime to fight the Daemonia. Once again, Akari hears the voice of the Daemonia but this time Luna’s also found ability. Akari tries to reason with Kyone who seems to have gone insane with hate. The Daemonia claims that Akari’s listening won’t do anything to change their own fate but Akari insists on listening to the voices and true feelings of the victims who she believes are pure at heart.

“It’s true that you might not be able to save anyone just by listening to them. But I don’t think anything can begin without hearing them either.” – Luna

On the other side of town, some humans are plotting something to do with human souls and the Daemonia… what’s really happening behind the scenes? And when will the mystery behind the Diablos tarot directly clash with the elemental tarot girls? Why is Akari the only one able to hear the voices of the Daemonia? This episode seems more like a rehash of last week’s. Akari’s stubbornness to reason with the Daemonia seems to seriously distract her from battle and when it comes to slaying the Daemonia, Seira’s the most efficient and experienced in battle. Hopefully by next week’s episode, Akari will have hit some turning point in her way of thinking or she and Seira will have a heart-to-heart and come to some sort of compromise. Both are stubborn but like Ginka said, they’re very similar.

I think the artistic direction behind the design of the Daemonia creature is very much like the animation and aesthetic of the witches from the Magica Madoka series. Of course, the realm that the Daemonia occupies isn’t as intricate as a witch, but the design of the creatures combine surrealism with an abstract interpretation of the theme that comes from the victim’s story. Personally I find the battle scenes between the Daemonia and magic girls way too short. We get small slices of action and too many every-day life regular interactions strung together weakly by the whole Aeon tarot world order. I really hope we get to some conflict or significant point that kicks the story into overdrive cause right now it’s seriously lagging.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading. Thank you so much for dropping in! The rest of this weekend’s episode reviews will be up soon!

– Cloudy

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4 thoughts on “Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 4 Review

  1. the ones who needs a turning point in her thinking is seira, sure Akari isnt right either but seira is just stuck up in her own world where she tells herself that everyone is weak just because he/she become possed by a deamonia, what even worser is that she really beliefs that the weak people should dies to begin with.

    That way of thinking is plainly wrong and i kinda hope she gets tricked by this boy to make a contract to get stronger and then its akari thet rescues her xD

    • Yeah I think Akari just needs to prove to Seira that she’s capable in battle. I think Seira sees her as a newbie right now and doesn’t full respect her as an equal when it comes to fighting

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