Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 4 Review

oeRating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

whoNow that Ai has decided to continue her journey “to save the world that god abandoned,” she, along with Julie/Yuri and Scar are heading to Ortus. Along the way, a strange boy seems to have snuck onto their truck, having passed out from being drugged with the Harumodoki fruit. When the boy awakens, he tells the trio that his name is Kiriko Zubreska, an apprentice in an Ortus government office. He was actually a thief and ran off from his job… what’s his story? For now, Yuri’s agree to drop him off near Ortus. Kiriko’s pretty sharp as well, catching on quickly that the threesome is a weird bunch to begin with.

CaptureepeThere is a slight delay to their journey due to a little problem with the car. Yuri tells Ai that although they’re heading to Ortus, they aren’t exactly heading into town. After repairs with the car, much later in the afternoon down the road, Scar senses the presences of the dead who haven’t been buried in the direction they’re heading… at least one million of them. Kiriko reveals that Ortus is the country of the dead. Just outside the walls of the city are graves of shovels, gravekeepers who have been drawn to Ortus’ dead and killed for interfering with the sanctuary of the dead.

Once the group arrives, Fox, the Southern Ortus Castle Division deputy commnder and Rex, the Ortus Gate special foreign minister – two different halves of a person who are actually one person thank Ai for bringing Kiriko safely back to the city. In return, Ai asks them to admit her and her friends into the city. Rex and Fox allow it. Though Yuri’s reluctant to enter the city due to Ai and Scar’s roles as gravekeepers, he agrees when Ai insists.

“Creating a country where the dead can live normally was my mother’s dream. It’s a country that my mother tried to create.” – Ai

talkYuri agrees to follow Ai on her journey and Scar is also interested in entering the city due to the voice that she’s been hearing, the one calling out to her. It seems that the gravekeepers are determined to have their way… On the drive into the city, Kiriko tells Ai that Rex is usually very strict and it’s only due to gratitude that the travellers have been admitted. Once the car is repaired, they will be asked to leave as soon as possible. In Ortus, all the dead inhabitants bear long robes to hide their bodies and masks to conceal their faces.

kAi wakes up the next day to a beautiful morning afternoon in Ortus but Scar is feeling quite ill and nauseous. She tells Ai that she keeps hearing a voice… can gravekeepers get sick? Yuri has gone out to get the car repaired and left a note telling Ai and Scar to stay inside. Ai learns from the manager of the inn, Kera, that Kiriko went to visit the princess at the castle. Upon hearing that Ai wishes to visit the town, she gives Ai a mask and the little gravekeeper heads out to Tamen Street. For a little girl having been sheltered in the country for so long, she’s amazed at the busy and bustling atmosphere of the city at night.

flyWhen a masked figure bumps into her and takes her theatre flyer, she follows him into a dark alley. He advises her to leave the city as soon as possible because she’s unaware of Ortus’ dark side. On the other side of town, Kiriko is talking to the Princess Urla, who’s bound and gagged to the chair, still and unmoving. What’s Ortus’ secret? – Definitely something to do with the legends surrounding Ortus’ guardian goddess Koroshiohake.

outThe episode ends on a dark and suspenseful note… but I think I’m starting to catch on to the angle that the events are aiming at. What’s going to make Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi such an interesting story is the morality issue behind the principles of life and death. How do you deal with the dead? Should you fear the walking dead or the gravekeepers that bring true death? Death itself becomes a problem. I really hope the plot goes into the details of the mystery behind gravekeepers. Do gravekeepers age and die? We know that they can be killed.

moonA lot was crammed into one episode and there’s a lot that needs to be processed with the new mystery surrounding the country of the dead. What will happen to Ai and Scar when the citizens find out that they’re gravekeepers and who is the man telling Ai to leave the country? All this is very thought-provoking. What do you guys think? Do you like what’s happening so far? Should they have killed off Hampnie? I already miss him! He had so much potential to being a significant and influential character to the story…

aosapeeThank you guys so much for checking out my review. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi recaps and reviews are always the most difficult to articulate because of the way the anime is directed. A lot of the storytelling is vague and much of it is conveyed through bits and pieces of dialogue here and there rather than shown through animated storytelling. Has anyone else noticed that there’s always a shadow covering part of a character’s face? And the shadow is always a clean dark and light cut no matter what time of day or setting… I guess the director really goes for drama. Also, the most intense moments happen during twilight, the transition period between day and night, as if it’s some reference to the midpoint of purgatory between the living and the dead to reflect the existences of gravekeepers… or maybe the colours of the sunset are just pretty. There are some quite beautiful scenes shot out when the sun is setting.

I think this is one of the series that you don’t fully understand till the big reveal during the climax when you can look back and think OH! IT MAKES SENSE NOW! I’m sure next week we’ll dive right into the meat of the Ortus arc. Till next time!

– Cloudy

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