Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 4 Review

uguard“Anything one man can imagine, magic can bring about.”

OMG THIS EPISODE WAS THE BEST!!!!!! Translations were up a bit later than usual which is why I didn’t get to his review until today but IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT!

Rating: 5/5 ridiculously excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

At the beginning of the episode, Illya, Miyu, Luvia and Rin are preparing to teleport into the Mirror World to fight the next card which is Caster. Since Caster uses mythical magecraft, she’s quite a formidable enemy to the two new magic girls. As always, Rin and Luvia are constantly arguing it out whenever they’re in each other’s presences LOL

fallfall3This is definitely my favourite episode so far because I love seeing Illy and Miyu interact. In the previous episode, Miyu was against teaming up with Illya because Illya didn’t seem to be taking her role as a magic girl seriously. However, due to strength and skill of the opponent Caster, their strategic plan requires Illy and Miyu to fly high and behind Caster’s magic defenses. Flying is an advanced skill so Rin and Luvia are troubled when it comes up but it turns out that Illya can fly with no trouble at all! Flying requires an intense mental image but Illya’s assumption (derived from anime-obsession) is that all magic girls can fly from the get-go. Miyu on the other hand, who’s completely practical and level-headed can’t wrap her head around the whole defying gravity and physics concepts that come with magic.

This episode follows Illya and Miyu’s training to defeat Caster, gradually falling into a coordinated rhythm of teamwork during battle. I was really impressed by the excitement of this episode because right after Caster is defeated, another opponent appears and ambushes Rin and Luvia on the sidelines. It’s Saber!! How will Illya and Miyu defeat her? She’s the most powerful class card and servant after all.

clMiyu and Sapphire’s final thoughts after the battle is that Illya can be a trusted ally to have. Even Ruby hopes that Illya and Miyu can work together to collect the class cards.

kalThis anime might just make it onto my favourites list! What happens next? I need to draw some Illya and Miyu fan art right now! If you guys haven’t seen the episode yet, you should definitely watch it now! This series is reminding me of all the magic girl shows I use to love as a kid!

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you all enjoyed these screenshots. Wherever you are and wherever you’re at, have a great week!

– Cloudy

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