Makai Ouji Devils & Realist Episode 4 Review

 CaptureRating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

pastorKevin Cecil, the butler, seems to be taking his job as a pastor quite seriously, distancing himself from William and his personal matters. Dantalion continues to keep familiars on Will to keep him safe. We’re introduced to a new character this series, the Dorm Mother Maria Mollins. Seems like there’s never a dull moment for William as prefect since the other boys (and demons) are up to their little pranks and antics.

soSkipping out on boat practice, William looks for a place to hide and runs into the Head Boy, Nathan Caxton once again. He hears a sound from Miss Mollins’ room and runs in. She’s passed out on the bed and there’s a magic circle on the ground.

lomThe next day, the boat race is finally taking place! Will William and the Jacob House take home victory (and the meat pie?) The Head Boy and Dorm Mother exchange a significant look before the race. Dantaliian senses something dangerous about the Head Boy and reminds William that he’s possibly being targeted once more. Later, Team Twining’s completely out of the race due to William’s sea-sickness LOL

Dantalion and the Nathan are going head-to-head fighting for first… after a strange accident takes place, Dantalion’s suspicions of Caxton being a demon are confirmed. When William brushes Nathan’s hand for a moment, he too can sense and see through Nathan’s glamour magic.

huremeThat night, the boys of the dorm, having stolen a book from Miss Mollins’ room as evidence. They claim that she’s actually a witch who’s tried to summon a demon which reminds William of the magic circle etched onto the floor of her room. Kevin approaches William about Miss Mollins’ final prayer at the church. Sytry grabs William as he’s rushing out to the portal to hell that’s been summoned by Miss Mollins. The Head Boy, Nathan Caxton, who’s actually Camio appears to save Miss Mollins before she’s mauled by the summoned monster from hell. Dantalion also arrives at the scene, identifying Nathan Caxton as a Great President of Hell ruling over 20 demon armies and ranked 53rd in the demon hierarchy and third candidate to be interim ruler, also one of Solomon’s pillars. He’s also a hafling, born from a human womb.


mepreMaria and Camio met many years ago when her and her family were living in Jacob House. She met Camio in the forest and fell in love with him soon after despite his demonic background. One day when Maria was attacked by a demon, Camio appears out of nowhere to save her but throughout the ordeal, Maris’s parents discover Camio’s true identity. They agree to elope, but Camio never showed up…

lonNow, many years later, upon discovering that she was diagnosed with an illness, Miss Mollins knows that she’d doesn’t have long to live and thought that if she formed a pact with a demon, she could become like Camio. On Camio’s side of the story, due to his mixed blood, he’s shunned by both demons and humans. If Miss Mollins were to become a demon, she would become Nephilim but Dantalian advises Camio to allow Miss Mollins to die as a human. Camio claims that he’s always had no one, even King Solomon eventually died. In a flashback, we get a glimpse of Solomon’s meeting with Camio and William remembers a bit more about his ancestry. Miss Mollins agrees to leave for treatment and the episode ends with a shot of the beautiful photography of Camio and Maria many years ago…

phThis was quite a beautiful story. I didn’t expect to get any romance in any of the demons’ back stories.  We know that there are many more demons to come as Solomon had seventy-two pillars. So far we’ve only really seen three. I wonder when William’s going to pick up on the shadiness surrounding his butler and when will he get his ring back?


As always, there are SO many questions that follow an episode of Makai Ouji. There’s also a lot of history. I didn’t give the history much thought until one of my friends ranted to me about everything he’d learned about King Solomon on the internet. All the mythology is pretty cool so definitely go read up on that if you have some free time.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. This is the last of all the weekend new anime episodes. Thank you so much for reading and as always, new posts are going up every day!

– Cloudy

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4 thoughts on “Makai Ouji Devils & Realist Episode 4 Review

    • there will probably be some internal conflict on william’s part. thousand years old elector of hell versus practical and scientific teenage boy he preaches physics to demons -,^

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