Carnival Phantasm Review


carnivalHi everyone! Today I’m reviewing Carnival Phantasm! I watched all of it last week and I’m so excited to share my thoughts on the show! Special thanks to Civlov’s comment and reminder for me to check out the OVA. I LOVED IT!

Rating: 5/5 happy clouds Crop_5 Clouds Transparent

whereThe great thing about popular Japanese games is that they’re eventually made into animes. When the anime series is a hit, sequels are written, bonus feature are thrown in, fanfiction is created and paradies are released. Carnival Phantasm is one of the most hilarious original video animation series I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. It was written by Eri Takenashi, the same author of Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maiden to commemorate Type-Moon’s 10th Anniversary.

loThe short twelve episode series features characters from Type-Moon works such as the Fate series, Kara no Kyoukai and Tsukihime. It’s structured much like a variety show with small segments featuring a certain group of characters and it’s really a blast! Since the actual storylines for Fate Stay Night/Zero, Kara no Kyokai and Tsukhime are so dark, having them inserted into comedic skits with wildly exaggerated expressions gives a much lighter mood, poking fun at many of the characters and their mannerisms now that the serious stuff is done with.



rulewheeeThe series is definitely for fans of the series. Many of the jokes are references to the other stories and chances are, you won’t understand a lot of comedy unless you have prior knowledge of the original storylines. They also change up the art because it is a comedy after all. The eyes are bit bigger, voices a little perkier and the characters a lot chibi-er. Fans of the series are going to be delighted with the bonus features and additional content – especially Fate Prototype, an extra episode that summarizes the original novel of Fate Stay Night.

You’ll definitely laugh until you fall off your chair. I know I did. If you’ve played any of the games or watched any of the original series, go watch this OVA! You won’t regret it! Do it now! And remember to stand up and dance to the opening song with all your favourite characters!! 😉

– Cloudy

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