Brothers Conflict Episode 5 Review


Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

allThings are heating up with BroCon!! This episode begins with a spur of the moment Asahina siblings dinner picnic under the cherry blossom trees. The brothers that are available and attend are Masaomi, Tsubaki, Azusa and Wataru. Natsume later gets a text to join them and Subaru comes upon a letter taped to the door of the house that tells him dinner is elsewhere.b

juAs Subaru is making his way to the park, he runs into Chi who’s gone to buy drinks at the convenience store. They go back to the park together and after Natsume’s incident in the pond in his attempt to pull Wataru back from the railing. When Natsume’s recovering from his fall, he quietly asks Chi is it was really a coincidence that she ran into Subaru on the way back. Random questions at random times… but I guess that had been bothering him for a while now.

liketulAt the house the next day, Chi plans to sweep the fallen cherry blossom petals on the outskirts of the house but runs into Subaru who’s already done the job. Iori passes by and tells her that all the different brothers of the house have a chore to do. Sweeping is Subaru’s job chore while Iori himself is responsible for tending to the flowers. He gives Chi a tulip (to Juli’s dismay) – apparently a red tulip is a declaration of love. Will a new love conflict happen between Chi and Iori?

For a few episodes on and off we’ve seen a bit of tension between Natsume and Subaru. There’s definitely some back story to tell there. Though Subaru keeps himself closed off from Natsume, Natsume’s constantly worrying about him and even attends Subaru’s basketball game. To his surprise, Chi has been invited to the game as well. Subaru’s team ends up winning

beOutside the stadium, Natsume offers to drive Chi back to the house but a phone call disrupts their conversation and as Chi waits for Natsume, Subaru appears. He hugs her and thanks her for being there for him. Then he asks her if she has a crush or boyfriend and upon hearing her answer of “No,” he goes and asks her to stay by his side forever… Natsume interrupts and tells Subaru to focus on his sports career and nothing else. Tough love from Natsume? Subaru calls out Natsume who “gave up on the game…” Natsume use to play basketball?

gosibAHK! There are so many storylines to follow and keep straight. The subplots advance in small parts while the big overarching plot moves at a crawling pace. And some of the brothers don’t even get any airtime at all. Small scenes are inserted here and there of Chi’s other interactions with her brother that happen at completely out of subplot context but still take place within context of the big plot. It makes recaps all the harder to writer because of small subtle events strung into the transition scenes of the episode’s main conflict (Like that instance where Ukyo was teaching Chi how to cook and are eavesdropped by Hikaru). But I have a feeling that the random snippet that we get from one episode has the potential to become becomes the main conflict in a later mini story where the details are fully flushed out. For now, I’m just trying to juggle all the hints and clues I’ve been given about each of the brothers.

What do you guys think about BroCon so far? Who are you shipping? Who do you think Chi will end up with? There’s so much potential for fanfiction, I can’t wait to read the stories that fans come up with 😉

Hope you girls (and guys) enjoyed this. Thank you so much for reading! New posts are coming every day!

– Cloudy

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