Long Weekend with Otakus

Hey guys!! Just checking in before I head out for the day!

This weekend I’m going to be hitting up the Atomic Lollipop Convention at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre here in Toronto. It starts tonight at 6:00 today and goes till Sunday. Just letting you guys know that there might be a slight delay on the episode reviews this weekend. Also on Monday, I’m going to be heading into my new apartment in Kingston to do a bit of furniture moving so all the weekend craziness won’t die down until Tuesday… so expect a lot of reviews jam-packed into next week as well as some cosplay photography and review of Atomic Lollipop.

Here’s a big drawing I did of Illya from Fate Kaleid Liner with copic markers. After last week’s episode of Fate Kaleid Liner, I’m really excited for the next one that’s coming out tomorrow!! Hopefully the subs come out quickly! I still haven’t found episode 5 of Free!


Thank you guys so much for dropping in to check out my posts! I love you all very much and I will try to drop in with updates anytime I can!

– Cloudy

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