Selena Gomez Stars Dance Track-by-Track Review

selena-gomez-reveals-details-album-stars-danceIt’s finally out! – Selena Gomez’s new album after soooo longggg. Do I like it? Do I love it? Let’s have a listen! As my friend Jess always says, hope for the best but expect the worst…

Birthday- Oh no, we’re off to a bad start. The beat gives me a headache and the overall concept of the party song is just a bit childish in line with all the other great songs that have been released this year.

Slow Down- Released as a teaser prior to the album, it’s got a pop techno punk music vibe that I’m really feeling

Stars Dance- Much deserving of being the album’s title song; it evokes some really dreamy night imagery with its lulling trance-like cadence. This one’s a particular strong point of the album, especially with the strings at the opening song.

Like a Champion- I’m not a really big fan of this one, especially with the “Rum pa pa pum pa” (reminds me of a familiar Christmas carol and a small drummer) Some of you might find it catchy but if I was writing a song, personally I would never use the term “champion” because of the hit classic “We are the Champions” that always comes to mind. And then it just starts to get annoying after the second chorus because the title of the song repeats to no end.

Come & Get It- We’ve all heard it before but I had to listen to it again on the album to see how well it went with the other songs in playlist placement and musical style. It’s got a pretty steady spot settled fourth on the track list. It’s a good song to put after the whole champion business from before.


Forget Forever- It’s got an interesting hook that grabbed my attention but falls into a stable cadence that flows like a river. I think some of us could relate to the song. It’s not too bad; it’s one of those songs that either grow on your or you tire of after the third listen.

Save the Day- “Kiss the moon goodbye, but don’t close your eyes…” BOOM! That first line of lyrics catches you and grabs hold of your attention. I’m not usually a big fan of electro-pop but I really like the collection of sounds, synths and effects chosen as the bedrock for this song. It truly embodies Selena’s settled style as an singer. I really think this song should have been the opening track to the album. “When the night starts slipping away, save the day.” Put on repeat please!


B.E.A.T.- The B-E-A-T sure is catchy, but I’m not sure if Selena’s trying to sing the song or rap it… talk it?

Write Your Name- One of the more generic pop techno songs of the album, a lot of repetitively.

Undercover- Another song that has 60% of its lyrics composed of the song title. Another generic, repetitive fist pump party song that you just drown out. Nothing special.

Love Will Remember- A song that stands out a lot more than the previous few. There’s actually a semblance of a theme and story behind the melody and it’s not mindless beats. The repetition actually works in this song. The phrase “Love will Remember” rings again and again throughout the song, reminiscent of the memories of a lost loved one.

selena_gomez_stars_dance_album_promo_Q5kJfxbu.sizediTunes Bonus Tracks:

Nobody Does it Like You- It’s alright… meh, I’m starting to get distracted by other things. The tune isn’t too bad but it keeps fading into the back of my mind.

Music Feels Better- Another really strong song fighting for a higher rating on the overall rating. I would put this on a summer playlist. It’s one of the more meaningful love songs of the album, “All I need is true, that’s what you are; When everything’s alright, all I need is here; Right where you are, you’re every reason why.” In the end, it makes me want to throw my arms in the air and dance.

International Deluxe Edition / Target Deluxe Edition Bonus Songs

This version of the album contains the bonus songs from the iTunes version as well as two new ones.

Lover in Me- “The lover in me is the lover in you…” There’s actually a whole stream of lyrics in the verses and in the pre-Chorus. Yes, I like this song a lot. It seems a lot more personal than the other songs that we’ve been presented on the regular album and it’s a different way of looking at relationships.

I Like it That Way- This song reminds me a bit of Taylor Swift, not in musical style but in the layout of the lyrics, especially the little inserts of dialogue between the singing. Is Taylor influencing Selena to write every song into a love song? Seriously, I expected more out of a bonus track.


The Walmart Deluxe Version DVD includes six of Selena’s hit songs performed live – Hit the Lights, Who Says, Love You Like a Love Song, Come & Get It, Naturally. The Amazon.con edition includes one bonus track – Come & Get It, a club remix done by DJ Laszlo.

Songs I Liked- 7/15

Songs I didn’t like- 8/15

Looks pretty even right? It’s about split down that way with Selenators and those who aren’t Selenators. You’re either with them or against them right? There are an overwhelming amount of head-buds over internet blogs, music websites, and of course Youtube comments. I think I stand about in the middle. I’m still not crazy about Selena as a singer because I think she has more potential and talent as an artist however she is solidifying her own musical style in the world of pop which isn’t an easy thing to do.

Stars-Dance-AlbumWorld-Tour-selena-gomez-34649511-1920-1080I love love songs but they get tiring after a while but my biggest pet-peeve with this album and music in general is the repetitive lyrics… Makes me want to throw a dictionary and thesaurus two-for-one bundle at the writers. I understand that repetitive lyrics are a significant element in pop, dance, techno and electro-pop but it’s seriously a cop-out. I haven’t really talked about Selena’s singing ability either… it’s cause I can’t really hear her voice over all different strands of sounds all at once but I don’t feel any of these songs challenge her as an artist at all. I would rather hear a stripped down acoustic testing the singer’s full vocal capabilities than a noisy party song where singer all but fades into the background of beats and sounds.

Rating- 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

I really have to say I expected worse… I’m not a crazy fixated mainstream music listener so I only speak for myself when I rant and review albums from pop artists. Hope you guys enjoyed this review. I don’t do these often, only once in a while for artists I’m interested in. What do you guys think? Was it a hit or miss for you guys? Selena’s recently topped the Billboard 200 album chart for the first time. Do you like this album the most or are her previous ones better?

– Cloudy

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