Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 5 Review

haWow, I really liked this episode. It surprised me a lot more than the one before because there was a lot of character development in Ginka. I thought she was going to be one of the supporting characters with shallow likes and dislikes in her personality but there’s really a whole story behind her, why she’s the way she is, why her room is filled with stuff, and so on.

Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

msaI think we’re done with the initial development of Akari’s character and her transition into the second world in the plot. Now we’re moving onto the stories of the other characters and judging from the amount of time and energy invested into Ginka’s story, I’m sure that each of the girls’ stories will be revealed very soon.

itAlso, in this episode we return to the questions and implications behind Akari’s mysterious ability to be able to hear the Daemonia’s voices. Because the Daemonia victim is Ginka’s Uncle Honda whose watched over her all over her life, the physical battle turns into a mental one for her. She decides to grab Akari’s hand to hear her Uncle’s last words and she becomes heartbroken.

“This is the result of being able to hear his voice. If you hadn’t heard it, you could have fought without hesitation.” – Seira

suI think in terms of emotional strength, Ginka is a lot stronger than Akari. Sure, Akari lost her mother when she was young but she never had to deal with poverty and fear of losing everything. However, Ginka has been fighting longer than Akari has so she’s able to at least bracket her emotions in order to slay the Daemonia.


Later Ginka thanks Akari for lending her the ability to listen to the Daemonia’s voices. Since the existence of the Daemonia are erased from normal people’s memories, Ginka is the only one who remembers Honda now, as well as the one who remembers his last words. She tells Akari that being able to hear the voices of the victims gives her some connection to her role as an Elemental tarot fighter.

“I had thought that exterminating the Daemonia was somehow happening on some world that had nothing to do with me… I thought it didn’t matter who the Daemonia was.” –Ginka


Ginka and Akari have found common ground on their new friendship. Ginka wonders if her father would have fallen to the temptation of the Daemonia all those years ago if things had been a little different. Just off to the side, Luna is eavesdropping on their conversation. She’s really attached to Akari and seems to protective of Akari interacting with others that aren’t her…

seI rate this episode so high because everything building up to the final battle between Ginka and the Daemonia turns into a really heartwarming and touching story even though the episode is only a short twenty-five minutes. We’re delving into the psychological aspects behind the whole magic girl gig, it’s not just pretty weapons and fancy costumes; these are little girls that are forced to fight horrendous monster in order to keep the peace and they don’t have a choice because the Elemental Tarot chooses its magic girls according to lineage and bloodline. You end up giving up your whole life to fight and even if you choose not to join the cause, the Daemonia will still be targeting you because they sense power from you.

ginWhat I’m really curious about is why Akari can hear the voices of the Daemonia when the others can’t. What was her mother like? What’s Luna’s back story and why is Seira so intent on destroying the Daemonia in a cold-hearted strike? It’s always around the fifth episode that things in the plot are really starting to get exciting; we see more conflict brew and action happen. This is turning into a very interesting magic girl series.

…Oh, and did I mention? That creepy little blue-haired boy from the last episode that hands out Daemonia cards to people is really a girl that can sort of shape-shift. Weird.

I hope you guys liked this review. Tell me in the comments what you think of the series so far and thank you so much for dropping by!

– Cloudy

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