Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 5 Review

groupFirst off, I want to say that this episode was a really refreshing interlude from the demon politics race of hell that we’ve been introduced into. Though William’s been pursued by demons from all over hell, he’s still completely focused on his studies and his future on earth. It’s admirable how he’s never distracted from his studies despite all the magical and demonic world that he’s been thrown into.

fRating: 4/5 happy cloudsCrop_4 Clouds Transparent

Makai Ouji probably has some of my favourite comedy for a serious fantasy-action anime because of the facial expressions and the hilarious reactions of William and the other characters. Yesterday’s episode was split off into more or less two parts. The first part is the main storyline of this episode while the second part is the bit  of investigating on the side that Dantalion has been doing regarding the demons targeting William.

suitAt the start of this episode, William’s invited into the Headmaster’s House to weed out the troublemakers before the academy chairman visits. Due to the construction of a new building and the discipline problems of the dormitory, the headmaster is concerned that the rule breakers will reflect poorly on the house and affect donations. The Head Boy, Nathan Caxton/Camio the demon then persuades William to help out by suggesting that he would be getting in good grace with the higher-ups. All William really wants is a full scholarship and steady job lined up for him in a few years LOL

thrUpon investigation of the area, William, Isaac and Sytry stumble upon the old mill that will be torn down for the new building. At night, William and Isaac hear a strange song being sung and follow the sounds out to t he mill where they meet a strange goblin-like creature. Sytry’s also followed the pair out to the forest. As William corners the creature, he reads him his rights LOL After hearing the whole story, Sytry reveals himself to the others and identifies the creature as a Killmoulis, a fair that lives in the water mills of Scotland. When Killmoulis has no grain to mill, they die. So to solve the little Killmoulis’ problems, he sends it to India to Isaac’s father’s spice factory.


Later when the Head Boy is introducing the academy chairman to the school, the chairman is more impressed with Isaac than William due to the enormous donation Isaac’s father made to the school. Obviously William’s been duped by the Head Boy LOL

seeastarothWhen Dantalion visits hell, we’re also introduced to two new demons – Lamia and Astaroth. Lamia claims that Dantalion is her fiancée (weird – where is that going to go after?) Astaroth is an almost mystical figure and warns Dantalion of the head boy, Camio because he’s of a much higher class than him or Sytry. Astaroth warns Dantalion that there is someone much more dangerous by William’s side… (Kevin perhaps?) Though we don’t see him at all in the story of this episode except at the ending when Dantalion questions Kevin about his secrets.

It’s nice to see that the world building wasn’t completely focused on demons but also the existence of other magical creatures. Isaac is practically an encyclopaedia when it comes to random facts about the occult. With the demons that are slowly being revealed, how are we going to meet all of Solomon’s seventy-two pillars? And if we do, how will we keep track of all the characters? We’ve seen Kevin brew in mystery for quite some time now and I do hope something big happens in the next episode.


Are you guys enjoying Makai Ouji? I hope you all liked this review. Thank you so much for reading!

– Cloudy

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