Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 5 Review

eiWOW! WOW! WOW! This episode of KALMIA was A-MA-ZING! In fact, of all the episodes that were released this week, episode 5 of KALMIA has completely KILLED IT. Hands down. It was so good.

Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent


After Class Card Caster has been collected, the mirror world isn’t collapsing and the worse possible reason comes to be when another Heroic Spirit manifests and another battle ensues. The spirit that appears belongs to the Saber class and seeing as it was the strongest of all the servants in Fate Stay Night and Fate Zero, it’s also the strongest manifestation in KALMIA. I love seeing the darker designs of all the different servants.

Not to mention, the ending shot after the credits was HILARIOUS…


eFor the first part of the main battle, Rin and Luvia have been knocked out. They took a full surprise blast from Saber and now they’re passed out. Illya and Miyu are faced with two choices, fight and take down the opponent or distract her long enough to save their mentors and escape. They go with the second choice seeing as they are inexperienced with utilizing the other Class cards and the opponent is way too strong. However, due to Saber’s amazing ability to materialize mana into a mist shield, she’s completely untouchable to magic girl blasts. Ruby and Sapphire are also unable to directly shield the girls from Saber’s attacks as they’re both charged with mana and physical force.

slA little fact we learn about the class cards is that once they’ve been included and used in battle, they become unusable for a few hours. Though Illya and Miyu are both newbies when it comes to fighting as magic girl, Miyu is much more level-headed and collected than Illya. Illya gradually loses her will to fight when faced with dire circumstances and her fear paralyzes her. I don’t blame her though, the distorted evil Saber is pretty menacing. Miyu’s formidable when it comes to analyzing the present situation and I give her props for remaining quick-minded.

thIn desperation, Ruby and Sapphire agree to their third and last resort, having Rin and Luvia register as guest users to access their magical powers. I’m so glad they did that because I kept chanting in my head for Rin and Luvia to fight. They’re so much more powerful as they’re fully aware of Ruby and Sapphire’s capabilities and despite their usual bickering, they possess a fully compatible teamwork in the heat of battle. I do love the costume designs for both sets of magic girls. Illya and Miyu are fairy-themed while Rin and Luvia are animal-themed. Kawaii!!

huyRin distracts Saber while Luvia begins preparations for a final magical charged attack. As Ruby says, “A magical girl’s attacks should be flashier and shinier.” The episode ends just before Rin and Luvia begin their kickass attack!

– Cloudy

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