Kimi no Iru Machi, A Town Where You Live Episode 4 Review

hgThe events of this episode made me wonder whether or not these sort of things happen in real life. I mean, it was really serendipitous how everything tied together at the end of the episode. Initially, I thought the main events of this plot would slowly shift away from Haruto’s relationship baggage with Eba and start focusing on his new friendships with the other characters in Tokyo. Everything comes full circle at the end of the episode, leaving me feeling really sad for Haruto…

Rating: 4/5 gloomy clouds 4 Clouds gloomy

CaptureWe learn a lot more of Kyousuke Kazama, one of Haruto’s classmates who also happens to one of his neighbours. Kyousuke dreams of becoming a professional motorcycle racer even though he’s anemic. He’s pretty perceptive of Haruto and they really connect well as friends even though they’ve only known each other for a short time. Kyousuke quickly catches on to what’s happened to Haruto at the school festival. Kyousuke encourages Haruto not to give up and steal her back from her boyfriend…
ayThis episode is really slow-paced, it’s really all building up to the big reveal and plot twist at the end of the episode. When Kyousuke passes out from anemia and Haruto brings him to the hospital, Haruto’s also called Asuka… and later, Kyousuke’s girlfriend appears. AND IT’S EBA!

That really awkward moment when Eba and Haruto have to pretend not to know each other in front of Kyousuke and Asuka… I can’t believe the irony in what just happened in this episode. Looks like Haruto won’t be stealing Eba back anytime soon. I also hope Eba comes clean about Haruto and tells Kyousuke about her romantic history so that there’s no drama going on behind Kyousuke’s back.

I wonder if Haruto’s really going to get over Eba. In the ending credits, Haruto is seen rereading Eba’s texts and reflecting on his conversations with Kyousuke. What are Eba’s true intentions in breaking up with Haruto? What happened at the end of that time in Hiroshima? I hope you guys are enjoying Kimi no Iru Machi as much as I am… so much drama and so many topsy-turvy feelings.

– Cloudy

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