Free! Episode 5 Review

23Have you guys missed free? Ii totally did! This episode was mainly focused on the Iwatobi Swim Club’s training for the provincial tournament. Kou is prepared to drill the boys to push them to new levels of strength and stamina. Right now, Makoto swims back stroke, Nagisa swims breast stroke, Haru only swims free and Rei can only do butterfly.

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent
funInside the club room, Kou accidentally comes upon the previous swim club’s old training regimen from hell that takes place between several islands in the ocean. The first part of the episode consists of all the planning and preparations to get to the island. Since the club is relatively new, they don’t have enough funds for transportation to the island. Mako seems slightly bothered by mention of the ocean. This time it’s Haru’s turn to look out for Mako. What accident happened in the past? We only get a small flashback of Mako hiding behind Haru, staring at the ocean as a line of strange men parade past them. (Haru actually talks more in this episode LOL)

12pStill, as team captain, Mako figures out a way to make-do with the training camp by suggesting they actually camp out on the beach to save lodge fees and enlist Coach Sasabe (who has a boating license) to take the members out to the island.

At the island, Kou and Ama-sensei have made plans to stay at the lodge as the other boys camp out on near the shores. Rei overhears the Samezuka Academy swim team practising in the 50m pool available in the lodge and it just so happens that Rin is training there with the rest of the team. The Iwatobi Club’s training circuit consists of three 1km routes between three of the islands. Because Rei is a beginner, he’s forced to swim with a kickboard.

302When Kou runs back to the lodge to get spices for dinner, she runs into her brother. They have a quick talk and Kou tells Rin that the club is training in the ocean. Rin asks Kou if Mako is okay with that and Rin gives him an inquisitive look. Rin dismisses the question and offers to walk his sister back. He’s becoming a bit more relaxed around his sister at least, versus the cold and callous character he was at the beginning of the series. Rin and Kou are the cutest siblings ever!

piIn order to catch up with the others, Rei decides to do extra training by himself at night but when a storm stirs up, the waves become aggressive and even inexperienced swimmers are put in danger, let along beginners. Mako wakes up just in time to find Rei calling for help in the ocean and runs into the water to save him…

roHow will Mako cope with the ocean? Will old memories stir up? I want his back story! And I want super adorable flashbacks of the boys when they were kids >///< I hope you guys liked this episode! It was super fun, super summery and it definitely leaves us in suspense for the continuation of the story next week.


– Cloudy

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