Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 6 Review

esThis nice little episode wraps up the events of the Ortus arc very nicely. It begins with Ai arriving at the castle to witness the acceptance ceremony for the living. Ulla’s bandages and wrappings and taken off as she reveals herself to the participants. After this episode, I am once again in awe of how amazing the production is as a whole.

Review: 5/5 happy cloudsCrop_5 Clouds Transparent

trBecause the story is so intriguing and there’s so much mystery and suspense, the first lines of the opening song are so dramatic in setting the mood for the story. “Please my God, tell me what should I do.” God’s abandoned the world, yet his people cry out for salvation. What is salvation in a world where the dead are just dead, where do their souls go? Heaven is becoming too crowded after all…

“Her eyes are the eyes of Death. Her words are the words of Death. Her body teeming with death, will not allowing the living to escape.” -Kiriko

wpeIf looks could kill… AI’s almost killed by the princess when she’s eavesdropping on the ceremony but Yuri comes just on time to save her. Then, Ai’s mysterious masked lion appears and tells her a little bit about his story and his intentions to warn her, one of the living. In Ortus, the children of immigrants are given a choice at the age of fifteen, wheter to become one of the dead and stay or continue living and leave. The stranger became one of the dead because it was his dream to become a mask maker. He didn’t want one of the living accidentally becoming dead, being mixed up in Ortus’ dark secrets. The stranger advises Ai to stay away from Ulla.

43Ai wonders if Ulla actually knows about her powers, whether or not Ulla knows that she has the power to kill people. Like Ai, who grew up thinking the people around her were alive, Ulla could also be deceived. Kiriko claims that there will come a day when all the living will die and Ulla’s powers will lose their meaning therefore, his lie only needs to last until that day. Ai asks him when that day will come. After all, Ulla is alive and the dead don’t age. What happens when she becomes the last living person on earth? That’s some food for thought right there. If all the alive are dead, then is anyone really dead? What does it mean to be alive?

hh“Have you not once wished to live forever within the lie those people built for you?” -Kiriko

Kiriko believes that what he’s been doing has been protecting and sheltering Ulla from a cruel world but Ai insists that Ulla deserves to know the truth. I guess Kiriko agrees to a certain degree, or he would have adamantly tried to stop Ai. At some point, Ulla needs to be told the truth. The scenes when Ulla is writing down her words to Ai and Kiriko, she’s neither angry nor emotional. The truth is she’s already suspected that her eyes have some sort of effect on people.


“I still don’t fully understand what it means to kill someone in this world… Do you think that death – do you think that I’m evil? …I don’t know either.” – Ulla

The characters of this series are so realistic and just so great. Ulla’s such a kind-hearted princess and she even though Kiriko’s sheltered her for many years, she didn’t mind not knowing because it was a secret everyone wanted to keep from her. She understands a lot from the world and she’s now fully aware of her responsibilities as princess.

“You’re free, like a bird in the sky that refuses to be caged. But I’m not like that. I love this cage called Ortus.” – Ulla to Ai

2mYou guys still remember Scar? Who’s been out of commission for a while since the trio entered Ortus, Ulla introduces Celica Hecmatika to Yuri, Scar and Ai. Celica is Ulla’s older sister, who’s frozen time around her and been asleep for a long while. Celica and Ulla are twins, her mother, who resented the world, went insane after giving birth and made a wish for the twins to die. Ulla innocently accepted it but Celica rejected it. Scar come forth and picks up the baby, knowing for certain that it was her voice that she heard. The time magic around Celica dispels. Scar calls Celica her daughter and Ulla asks Scar to take care of her sister. The trio leave with a new little member of their group.

I felt like I could finally breathe a sigh of relief as the events of Ortus wrap up. What do you guys think of the strange ending with Scar and Celica? In the next episode, Ai is accepted into Gola Academy…

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hoped you enjoy this review. Stay tuned for new episode reviews throughout the week as well as next week’s new Kaminai!

– Cloudy

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