Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 6 Review

I would call this an episode for little reveals. I give Dantalion and Sytry mad props for sticking with William even though they’re both technically running against each other to be interim ruler of hell. Camio, also the head boy, is plotting something behind the scenes with his mentor Beezelbub, who also has another demon named Eligos under his control. Eligos claims to love her master.


Even Kevin has his own lackey now.

 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

This episode was centered on the tenuous relationship that the demons have with each other and with the human world. Colonel Swallow was recently caught in a life-threatening accident and it was a miracle he survived. When Colonel Swallow bumps into William at the school open house, he’s immediately taken an interest in the young boy. Later, the Colonel’s son, Mycroft Swallow invites William to a house party celebrating his father’s recovery.


(Dantalion and Sytry look so dashing in suits. William’s hairstyle just looks awkward LOL)

whyAt the party, in conversation between the two prefects, Mycroft points out that his father’s personality has completely changed since the incident. William is beginning to develop a sense for the demons and glamour magic surrounding him. At dinner, he experiences a mild sense of discomfort which escalates as the night progresses. A young butler takes him to a separate room to rest. He falls asleep but when he wakes, he overhears the political elite talking about politics… no wait, not regular politics, the race to be hell’s ruler!

sbThe Colonel is part of that group and just as the demons shed their human glamours and attack William, Dantalion arrives to save the day. When Sytry and Mycroft arrive at the scene, Mycroft is faced with the harsh truth that his father’s been long gutpone and that the demon Eligos has been using his body since the accident. Eligos agrees to leave upon claiming Mycroft’s soul. William objects but Sytry restrains him because demons are not to interfere with the affairs of other demons. Hell has its own rules. Dantalion agrees to stop Eligos on the condition that William elects him as interim ruler, of course. The young butler from earlier (who’s also secretly Kevin’s helper – Raguel), appears and exorcises Eligos.

9eLittle things happen here and there. Another blonde princely demon visits Astaroth (Is he Beelzebub?) We find out at the end if the episode that Kevin’s real name is Uriel, a single winged-angel who is determined to “save” Solomon from the demons. He instructs Raguel to stay close to William. In the conclusion of the episode, William finally confronts Kevin about his odd behaviour, having deduced that Kevin never wanted to be a steward of the Twining house but a priest instead. Kevin “confesses” that he’s been doing some gambling and betting on intramural sports games…

oo-Despite William’s practical and rule-biding behaviour, he’s pretty clingy when it comes to Kevin. Can’t blame him though… his entire family is gone and Kevin is the last remaining close one. Kevin is also the one being most secretive about himself with William. I really want to know how William is going to get his ring back and I seriously want the manga of Makai Ouji to be officially translated!

Thank you guys for reading. Enjoy these screenshots and hopefully next week’s episode will be more exciting.

– Cloudy

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