Brothers Conflict Episode 7 Review

We are finally starting this week’s new episodes and we’re just about halfway through BroCon. Things are seriously heating up in the Asahina family!

Warning to future parents – when you have 14 kids and you’re never home, they may start fighting over their cute sister…

uaoRating: 3/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

This week’s episode was geared toward Futo and Yusuke’s rivalry over Chi. The threesome are busy planning for their school festival. Chi and Yusuke’s class is doing a butler café (which in the last minute becomes a butler AND maid café due to the boys that run out on them to help out with other clubs). Futo’s class is planning a haunted house with Futo of course, dressed as a vampire. KYAA Yusuke look’s soooooo cute as a butler >///<

egfFuto continues to hit on Chi, going as far as to bite and mark her neck. He declares her as a conquest and claims that she’s been deliberately seducing all the other brothers.

wanWhen Tsubaki sees Chi’s neck, his yandere side steps in and he gets angry at her. Chi never really says a word to her brothers about all this so I wonder what she’s really thinking inside. Azusa interferes between Chi and Tsubaki but having pushed himself to the brink of exhaustion from his voice acting job, he passes out just before the episode ends. The previews completely leave us in suspense! Will there really be an operation?

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Chi ended up with someone completely outside her family after thirteen episodes? Well, they ARE her brothers and I would imagine that she would feel some sense of discomfort from the intimacy with them. I found the interactions between the siblings really well done. The older brothers love her in a doting way while the other ones who are closer in age to Chi are romantically interested in her as a potential girlfriend.

To be honest, I find it much more entertaining to ship the brothers themselves rather than with Chi. (LOL) What do you guys think?

– Cloudy

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