Free! Episode 6 Review

I really enjoyed this week’s episode of Free! It had a bit of everything, drama, laughter, touching friendship. I couldn’t help but photoshop the last shots of the boys together because they’re such lovable characters!! Now without further ado, let’s begin this week’s review…Untitled-1

After Haru and Nagisa save Mako and Rei… they send up the island directly across from where they made camp. The boys end up wandering into a rest house. To drink and eat, they find water and LOL Haru’s favourite – Mackerel. Luckily no one was injured from the whole incident and it’s the first time I’ve seen Haru so worked up and concerned over Mako. It was really so sweet!

Rating: 4.5/5 happy clouds Crop_45 Clouds Transparent

Since the boys are going to be stuck in on the island for the rest of the night, they’ve decided to play truth or truth. Rei tells an embarrassing story. Haru must tell a love story – and it’s about his encounter… WITH A WATERFALL AHAH only Haru would fall in love with aquatic scenery. Nagisa does an imitation of a penguin and the fun dies down after Nagisa succeeds in making Mako laugh. Nagisa’s been concerned about Mako for a while since they arrived on shore… Rei asks Mako about the ocean and Mako finally agrees to tell the story.

weoihWhen he was a kid, he knew an old fisherman who would play with him at times. During the summer festival by the harbour, the fisherman gave him a bag of goldfish but later that summer there was a typhoon, the fisherman’s boat sank and many people drowned.

“I wasn’t so much sad as I was scared. I fed the goldfish and changed the water in the bowl, but they still died… It feels like there’s something unknown hiding in the water.” (Makoto)


consMakoto also reveals that he agree to the camp because he wanted to swim with everyone. The rain finally stops, and the sky is filled with stars which are reflected into the glass of the lighthouse. At daybreak, the boys are wondering what to do. Makoto volunteers to swim across to notify Kou and Ama-sensei but the boys end up swimming back altogether. At that moment, Rin is on his morning job across the beach. The boys are totally exhausted when they get back to the shore. Kou and Ama-sensei are completely clued out of the episode.

heThis episode was really touching. A lot of bonding takes place between the boys but I’m curious as to why Nagisa doesn’t know about Mako’s fear of the ocean. Haru knows and Rin knows; perhaps they met Nagisa later? I’m glad there’s more to the story than summer swimming fun and fanservice. I’m excited for the next episode where the swimming tournament finally takes place, especially for Haru and Rin’s race!

asoiI hope you guys liked this episode of Free! Makoto and Haru are my favourite characters of the show! What about you guys? Thanks for reading and remember to tune in this weekend for other reviews of the other new episodes!

– Cloudy

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