Sunset Photography On-the-Road

Hey guys, I wanted to share some photography with you all today. I actually took these last week in the car while I was on the road back from Kingston. There’s not a lot of nice landscape to take while you’re on the highway so I opted for some creative photography in the car. Whenever I’m going on trips, I always bring my little Yui plushie with me because I love using her for vacation photography. Yui’s personality is so carefree and happy that she goes well with many spring and summer sunny landscapes. This time I threw Sebastian into my backpack before I ran out of the house and I tried out a few photographs with him but he’s more suited for domestic settings dontcha think?

I love photographing sunsets because they’re different every evening. Sometimes the lighting becomes the focus of the photo, sometimes it’s the swirling colours and clouds. This little collection of photos were taken with a D3100 Nikon and a 17-70mm sigma macro lens with no edits at all this time.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’ll be driving into Kingston again this weekend so I’ll try to get some photography done again this weekend. Thanks for reading!

– Cloudy

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