Beauty Tips for Cosplayers @ Cons

Hi guys! Today I’m here to share some beauty tips for cosplaying at a convention. Since FanExpo Canada is coming up, I was inspired to write this post for all you lovely cosplayers out there. It can get pretty hectic at a convention and after putting so much work and so many hours into a costume, you definitely want to look your best for all those photographers out there. I know by first-hand experience how things can go wrong the last minute whether its costume, makeup… or that nasty pimple that appears the day before you need to show off your costume so here are five big tips that I swear by when it comes to cosplaying at conventions.

1) Planning your Cosplay Beforehand- If you’re making your cosplay and if you can, try to choose lighter and thinner materials for your cosplay. The worst thing about conventions is sweating through your cosplay from the lights and from the body heat of other con-goers. Walking non-stop for hours is already tiring in your regular clothes. Wakling around with a heavy Gundam cosplay made of wood is impractical and just torturous. If you’re going for mecha, I suggest cardboard or foam and if you’re cosplaying a character, layer your thinner fabrics so that they’re wearable and breathable.


If you’re looking for some really great cosplay photography of yourself, remember to plan your poses beforehand. Learn your character’s mannerisms, their attitudes, their signature gestures. Have at least three poses that are trademark to your character and think of a bunch of other general stock poses that accent your body lines. Stand in front of a mirror and figure out your best side and your best angles. If you’ve scheduled a one-on-one shoot with a professional cosplay photographer, remember to be prepared so you can get the most of the shoot with the best pictures!

2) A Change of Clothes- It’s always best to keep another outfit on hand… especially if you’re a first time seamstress and your handiwork is still a little iffy, you don’t want to be walking around the convention and slowly lose pieces of it. Sure, it’ll make for some interesting photos but I doubt you want to lose the cosplay you’ve been working on for so long. Also, conventions heat up pretty quickly and you’re constantly surrounded by crowds of people, maybe spending three to four days in your minecraft box costume isn’t the best idea to enjoy the con.


3) Makeup- Keep your makeup light. I know that when it comes to cosplay photoshoots, you spend hours in front of the mirror getting the right colours and doing the best eyeliner. However, about half of the photographers are there to take amateur “in-the-crowd” hallway photos of your cosplay. Heat and fatigue can melt your makeup right off and you’ll end up looking like a really sleep-deprived version of your character. Keep it simple. Light foundation, some eyeliner and maybe a bit of blush or bronzer to keep yourself from looking awake and lively, not wrinkly and shiny. Also, mascara is an instant sharp eyes makeup tool so it’s essential that you have one really great tube of mascara that’s waterproof!

4) Skincare Kit- This is really important for cosplayers or even normal convention go-ers. My skin gets drier than the Sahara desert, I constantly lick chapped lips from the dryness of the air and my eyes get irritated. If you’re a bit more sensitive like me, then you’ll want to bring a little kit with you. Wash and refresh your skin in the bathroom with water and remember to have your regular moisturizer with you. I like to keep a small tube of lotion and lip balm with me at all times. If you’re cosplaying with contacts, eye drops are a must!! Sunscreen is also a big one if the con photo shoots take place outside and don’t forget to bring a brush for your wig if it gets windy!

You don’t want your skin to suffer during the convention and have to deal with the consequences like sunburnt, peeling, flaky dry skin or dirty pimple rashes. Especially if you’re planning on going full-out at a cosplay shoot in the morning, you’ll want your proper makeup removal products in nicely packed travel sized bottles for you to clean up your skin and enjoy the convention in the afternoon. Having full cosplay makeup on for more than a few hours is just uncomfortable.

5) Stay hydrated!- This tip is probably the most important one. I’ve seen my fair share of ambulances at conventions. Water also keeps your skin hydrated so that you retain a healthy glow when you’re photographed. I always lose track of time in the Artist Alley and forget about my body’s needs when I’m rushing from panel to panel at conventions but at some point you need to stop and remind yourself to eat, drink and yes, use the bathroom. Have a water bottle on you at all times and maybe a few stashed in your car or hotel room. Your skin and your body will thank you for it.

Hopefully you learned something helpful here. I hope you guys enjoyed these tips and if you guys want more of these posts, remember to click like and follow me for new content every day. The most important thing is to take in all that the convention has to offer. Have fun and good luck!!

– Cloudy

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