Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 7

iaThis episode was really a slice-of-life in the midst of magic girl mayhem. I’m sure the writers filled this episode with happy times to contrast the upcoming dark plot twist and foreshadow destruction.

Rating: 2.5/5 happy cloudsCrop_25 Clouds Transparent

oaiswoeAkari, Seira, Ginka and Luna are discharged for a day from Sephiro Fiore and actually hang out in the city like regular girls. It’s nice to see the team getting along and bonding after a lot of personal issues resolved in the opening arc of the series. Luna seems a bit troubled with Akari’s growing friendships with the other members of the team. Between Akari and Luna, we learn that Luna has an older twin sister but responds ambiguously when Akari asks about her. I wonder how she tie into Luna’s past. We’ve gotten Akari, Seira and Ginka’s stories but not yet Luna’s.

owieAkari also bumps into her old fortune telling Aunties and the girls are invited to stay for dinner and later, the rest of the night. The most exciting part of this episode is probably when Mama Nagataki tells the girls’ fortunes. The last few cards that foretell future events hint at destruction and completion. What big event is going to tear the team apart and lead to tragedy? We will mostly likely get a happy ending to the series… but I’m so eager to know the big reveal with the Daemonia!

At the end of the night’s events, involving a ghost hunt, an embarrassing photo and some yummy Castella cake (which I so need to make at home), the team returns to headquarters the next morning. They run into Etia and Ariel which quickly notify them of a pressing meeting… and we’ll have to wait for next week’s episode to see what it is. To be honest, nothing really happened at all this episode. To sympathize with the girls and realistically view their life/death situation as elemental tarot users, I’m glad they got at least a day of fun for themselves before the real battles begin. As a viewer, I think they could have cut the team’s day of fun for half the runtime, show the meeting and end the episode at the sound of the alarm for the next battle.


Looks like we’ll have to wait a whole other week for juicier plot details. Till then, enjoy these screenshots and be on the lookout for other episode reviews! Thanks for reading!

– Cloudy

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