Seiho Boys’ High School Review

Hihi guys! How have your weekends been? I hope they’re going as good as mine. Last week I power blasted marathoned through Seiho Boys’ High School, also called Men’s Kou. I really wish I had bought the series instead of taking it out of the library because now I really want to own the manga!

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Rating: 5/5 happy clouds Crop_5 Clouds Transparent

I don’t normally give full ratings because it’s so hard for a story, whether it’s in a manga or an anime to stay so vibrant in your mind after a few days. Sure, right after you finish a series, it’s fresh in your mind, you’re pumped up from the story and you love the characters. In retrospect, I’ve found that a few days later, the story either slowly fades into the back of my mind with all the other series you’ve seen or I have to re-write my review because it just wasn’t that good from an analytical point of view. For me, Seiho Boys’ High School is one of the series that leave a permanent mark in my mind. I remember all the plot, all the hilarity and each and every character. Every character stands out on his/her own and there’s no shallow excess in their personalities despite the easygoing and comedic atmosphere of the story.

maki x erikaThis is one of those series I’m really glad I waited for in its completion because I don’t think I could have waited so patiently for upcoming parts of the story if I was following avidly during its release dates. This series is written and drawn by Kaneyoshi Izumi and it was published between 2007 and 2010 so as you can see, it’s a pretty old series.

I give Seiho Boys’ High School a full five out of five happy clouds because I’ve never encountered a manga that had me literally laughing out loud for every joke and at every punch line. I love manga that’s completely created, planned and brought to life by one author because I think it sticks truest to the author’s original intent versus a series created in collaboration of an artist and a writer.

nogami x fukuThe story is takes place at Seiho High School, a private all boys school located in a remote island hidden behind mountains and surrounded by water. All the boys are set in a forever alone mindset because of their predicament and it’s really hilarious to see them interact with one another. I wasn’t particularly drawn to Izumi’s art style at the beginning but it’s one of those art styles that you grow to admire because it’s so unique despite fitting into the shojo genre. I especially love the way she draws the varying expressions of the characters whether it they’re hilariously exaggerated features or serious and emotional visages.

The Characters…

mMaki- The main protagonist among the group of main characters; he’s a really cute boy with the ability to sway even guys when cross-dressing (LOL) He’s usually the peacemaker but isn’t afraid to get into fights if need be. His first girlfriend was Erika Harushima, a really pretty tsundere girl from high school who passes away from an accident. He later meets Erika Takano and unknowingly falls in love.

Kamiki- The hottest guy in the entire school; even guys are slightly turned on by him. He’s student body president and part of the kendo club. He has a good heart, but he’s surprisingly clueless when it comes to girls. He fell for a girl who later became his step-sister but later falls for a girl named Fuyuka and becomes her boyfriend. He had a big heart and he’s pretty easy going but is seriously scary when he gets sick.

hanHanai- Maki describes him as “girl trapped in a boy’s body” and loves cute things. We don’t see much of his story except that he had a girlfriend in junior high that we meet right at the start of the series. He becomes a really great friend to Fuyuka when she’s going for Kamiki.

Nogami- A stubborn and rather insensitive boy; he feels superior to the other students of the school and ends up dating the school nurse, Fukuhara.

Fuyuka- Best friends with Maki’s new girlfriend, Takano; she’s a bit clumsy and a bit of an airhead but she’s really cute.

Takano- Best friends with Kamiki; she’s often cold and standoffish but is a vulnerable and really sweet girl on the inside. She goes to an all girls’ school with Fuyuka.

kamiki x fuyuuka

The series falls under comedy, slice-of-life, drama and romance. Though a lot of it is every day school events and high school high-jinks that the boys get into, there’s still a point to the series as a whole and the characters are so strong that they completely power and give life to the story making mundane events entertaining and amusing.

It’s a great read for the end of summer what with school coming up for many of you manga fans. I’d recommend the story more for girls but I think a lot of guys will be able to relate to the main cast of male characters and their experience at Seiho. However I would recommend this to older teens, it’s definitely not a children’s story.


I’m really glad I got to share this series with you all and I hope you all give Seiho Boys’ High School a try. Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you all soon!

– Cloudy

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