Kimi no Iru Machi, A Town Where You Live Episode 6 Review

iuRating: 4/5 happy cloudsCrop_4 Clouds Transparent

This episode left me with a really warm and fuzzy glow inside. I was so touched by Haruto’s actions (as stupid and idiotic as they were). The plot picks up right when Haruto confronts Eba and she decides to tell him the truth about Kyouske. Kyousuke refrained from informing any of his friends about his fatal illness, leaving him with only one more year to live because he didn’t want to worry his close ones.

iIn the flashbacks, we learn about Eba’s family issues, her parents’ divorce, her father’s remarriage and the new sister that hates her. Growing up, she was always quiet and reserved, uncomfortable with people and always disliked social gatherings. Kyousuke was the only one who approached her with an open heart and a big smile every day. He was her support system while she went through her personal struggles. Now that Kyousuke’s ill the only thing that Eba can do is to support him through this last year of his life as his girlfriend and she’s determined to stick to it. She in turn asks Haruto not to tell Kyousuke about their story together in Hiroshima. She hopes that he’ll understand.

mHaruto is now placed between a seriously giant rock and an iron-plated hard spot. On one hand, he could swallow his feelings and let his friend have happiness for the next year, however their friendship would suffer and turn into butter resentment; on the other hand, he could tell Kyousuke the truth and perhaps from his fair honesty, they could salvage some of their friendship despite fighting over Eba.

Haruto goes with the latter option and “declares war” on Kyousuke the next day at the hospital. Eba is shocked and so is Kyousuke but I think from the boys’ point of view, they understand all’s fair in love and war. Kyousuke’s easygoing and he’s a really great friend to Haruto so I think he understands Haruto’s intentions even though Haruto makes it seem like he’s only determined on stealing Eba back.

hjHaruto later brings tamagoyaki to Kyousuke and Eba keeping up a cheerful and lighthearted mood despite the anxiety and tension that Eba exudes due to his presence. After Haruto leaves, Kyousuke insists that Eba try one of Haruto’s handmade tamagoyaki and perhaps something in Eba’s heart stirs. She catches up to Haruto and after exchanging a few words, Haruto encourages her to smile and I think they’ve finally settled on level terms. At least it’s not awkward avoidance anymore.

cnatWhat do you guys think of Haruto’s decision to keep pursuing Eba? Is he a devoted romantic or just a poor sap? Personally I think Eba still loves Haruto, she probably just feels really indebted to Kyousuke and wants to give him support and warmth that he gave her in the past… Is that really fair to Kyousuke? Does Eba truly hold romantic feelings for Kyousuke? I’m really rooting for Haruto and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for him next.

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