Haganai Volumes 1-3 Review

Hi guys! Today I’m introducing a really hilarious harem and somewhat ecchi comedic series. I’m not sure how much ecchi content is present in the anime but I haven’t seen too extreme scenes in the manga so far. The story is originally by Yomi HIrasaka, the art is by Itachi and its official English translation is published by Seven Seas Entertainment.


Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

DSC_0006bThe series follows a group of odd and quirky students that form the Neighbours Club because none of them have many friends. The club starts out two members. The first is our male protagonist, Kodaka Hasegawa, a mixed European and Japanese student who doesn’t have many friends because of his unusual appearance and scary facial expressions. The second solitary student is Yozora Mikazuki, a beautiful raven-haired girl who doesn’t have many friends, unless you count Tomo-chan, her air-friend.

Later, the school idol Sena Kashiwazaki, who also happens to be the school director’s daughter, joins the club. Though she’s the most popular student of the school, she claims to have no real close friends because the boys who hang around her simply worship her as servants.


DSC_0012bThe next character to join is a really pretty girl boy. His name is Yukimura Kusunoki and he claims to being bullied by his classmates. In reality, many of his male classmates treat him differently because they’re too affected by his cute and girlish looks. Yukimura tells the club that during school, the other boys never aim for him in dodge ball or never sparring with him in gym and even edge away from him in the change rooms LOL What’s funny is that Yukimura becomes Kodaka’s underling, bringing him lunch and comics every day. The rest of the school thinks Kodaka coerced Yukimura into being his slave (which totally isn’t helping Kodaka’s reputation)

DSC_0021bWe hear about the club supervisor being one of the nuns of the school but we don’t actually see her until volume 3. Her name is Maria Takayama and even though she’s only ten, she’s a child genius. Yozora often twists Bible verses and teachings to have Maria do the club’s bidding. Maria may be a genius but she’s still quite immature and often manipulated by Yozora with revers psychology.

Later, after Kodaka wakes a sleeping girl in one of the science rooms, she introduces herself as Rika Shiguma. We learn from Sena that Rika is a genius mad scientist and the room she fell asleep in was her own personal lab that the director assigned to her. Rika instantly takes a romantic interest to Kodaka him and joins the Neighbours Club to spend time with him.


I know that Kodaka’s younger sister also joins the Neighbours Club later in the series. Kobato Hasegawa is one of my favourite characters so far. After watching a show called Iron Necromancer, she begins to role play as Reisys V Felicity Sumeragi, an ancient and powerful vampire that has lived for thousands of years. As a result, she’s always in a pretty Lolita dress and tries to stay in character as well as she can. She’s definitely attached to Kodaka because he takes care of her on a daily basis, I can’t wait to see more of her character in future volumes.


I found the story really entertaining overall and it’s a great laugh in between serious anime content. The theme of friendship is definitely prominent. The art is really clean cut and follows the modern simply and fresh layout that I’ve been seeing in new manga publications these recent years. The chapters are sectioned according to club activities or certain events (like new joining members) so the story is a little bit like a slice-of-life because the plot advances in small episodes. However, this plot is mostly character driven because the characters are so unusual and unique. There are eight light novels and eight manga volumes overall. The anime series itself is only 13 episodes. The opening and ending songs are super catchy and I believe a season 2 has already been confirmed!

I would definitely recommend this series to older readers who are okay with mature content and understand the sexual innuendos and blue comedy every so often (with the appearance of Rika). The officially version of volume 4 comes out in October this year. I hope you guys liked this review and new more manga reviews will be coming soon!

– Cloudy

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