Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 7 Review

9Our mysterious masked lion finally reveals himself – Alis Color.  Ai and Yuri are discussing Ai’s enrollment in Gola Academy, one of the last middle schools in existence when all of a sudden, Ai is taken away by the Gola Academy people and automatically enrolled.

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

aisWith all the strangeness that’s taken place in Ai’s life, it’s not hard to see how Ai has no common sense whatsoever about the school. In a conversation among friends, Ai’s told that she’s unable to leave the school no matter how hard she’s going to try. Once you get in, there’s no way of getting out. All the students brought to Gola Academy is actually a facility for isolating kids with special abilities. There’s a destructive Volrath, twins with the multiple personalities of triplets (Mimi, Meme and Momo), Run can breathe underwater and Tanya is a reirigan, a girl who’s actually blind but has the ability to hear sounds of places and things (sensing colour and shape in the shape of sound). Each of them was on the brink of death, strongly wished for something and ended up with strange abilities. What interesting characters…

aoshWhen Alis shows up from an underground hole in the girls’ bathhouse, he and his accomplices take quite a beating LOL But turns out that Alis and his friends were trying to dig and escape from this institution. We meet Harley who can eat inorganic things as nourishment (he’s also dating Volrath) and Geeg, who stopped growing due to hibernation (who’s actually twenty).

oweThe boys have been digging their way in hopes of escaping because of the structure of educational system. The government donates a ton of money to the academy every year because there are less and less kids enrolled in school. The school wants to increase the number of students to keep the funds coming in so there’s a huge change that the students will never be able to leave.

qoieWith the appearance of Alis, we’re also introduced to Dee Entzie Stratmito, Whisper the Western Witch who lacks a physical body and whispers advice to people all over the world. She’s at Gola because she’s currently possessing Alis and because Ai is there. She tells the gang that Ai, Alis and she were fated to meet… she even admits that she’s the one who led Ai to the clock tower during recess though Ai claims that she made the decision herself. Alis keeps silent through the exchange, he definitely knows something about Gola’s powers…

oaisLots of new openings and meetings for this new arc in Gola. What’s Alis’ connection to Whisper? All this episode did was open up a new can of worms so hopefully by next week, Yuri will have charged into Gola for Ai or the new gang of friend will discover some secrets about the academy. To be honest, the reason I put off this episode’s recap and review for so long is because I knew not much would happen with the introduction of a new point in the story but one a side note, wouldn’t’ Ai and Alis make the cutest couple??

I love the designs of the new of all the characters that have been introduced so far. They’re all so distinct and unique from one another, even the ones that seem like supporting characters. I feel like Kaminai is one of those series that can span several seasons because of how much expansiveness the world order offers. Because of this skewed life and death kind of universe breaks all the regular rules for anime tropes and world rules.

– Cloudy

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