Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 7 Review

dyFinally, a little over the halfway point of the series, the demons in hell are starting to stir up some trouble. Duke Ballberith, Sytry’s uncle is targeting the Solomon. Though all the demons are attracted to Solomon, not all of them want him alive because of his overwhelming influence in hell and his power over his own 72 pillars. This episode takes place on the Sabbath where all the demons gather for a sort of party. Really, I think it’s an opportunity for the powerful demons to flaunt their power and rank…

iiRating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

William’s really getting himself into some serious danger because he keeps denying Solomon’s identity and refuses to care about the politics taking place in hell. I’m starting to get the gist of how the race works. Each candidate is backed by an older/more powerful demon. Ballberith backs his nephew Sytry. Beelzebub supports his protégé Camio and I believe Lady Astaroth is watching over Dantalion.

45678On the other side of the demons are the angels in heaven. Kevin is definitely an important individual up there seeing as he placed a protective barrier over the school and a specific protective spell over William that’s powerful enough to reign Dantalion in. I’m really curious to see Dantalion’s full powers. Though he’s a nephilim, he seems capable of immense power when he loses control (and reason).

qwiI love Dantalion as a character very much, but I also find Camio a really hot mysterious demon. At the Sabbath, between Ballberith to Astaroth, we learn that despite Camio’s human blood, his demon half stems from Lucifer himself and his powers are rumoured to eclipse even the four great lords. Aside from the two, I also feel that Sytry has great potential to become a really dynamic character. Though his uncle’s clearly evil, Sytry seems morally torn between helping his lord and protecting William.

msiHurray! More flashbacks of Solomon and Dantalion this week; I have to say that Solomon is much cooler than William. Perhaps William will regain all his old memories when he finally puts on his family ring. Dantalion dreams of his conversation with Solomon, that Dantalion would be the one to kill the King… flashback and foreshadowing? For what reason? And why? I feel like William is slowly growing to love Dantalion, he seems especially in awe when Dantalion is slaying Ballberith’s lackeys to protect him.

williamI wonder if the series will skew the good and evil labels between the creatures of heaven and hell. Are the angels truly the good ones and the demons the evil ones? What are Solomon’s choices in choosing his pillars? I’m so curious about Solomon’s life; I hope they later devote a few episodes to the king. It’d be great to see a cameo of all the other demons we’ve already met, especially how Dantalion and Solomon’s relationship developed.

– Cloudy

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