Brothers Conflict Episode 8 Review


The opening of the episode this week was really insightful. I liked the use of M.C. Escher staircases to reflect Chi’s current situation. I feel as if she’s very much in a maze and everywhere she runs there’s a super cute brother waiting for her… doesn’t sound like a horrible situation but I guess when it comes to the triplets, things get a bit more complicated. Who would you choose if Tsubaki, Natsume and Azusa approached you with a rose?

Rating: 4/5 curiously clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

oosThis episode focuses on the triplets. Natsume’s always been the background support system for the twins while Tsubaki and Azusa have always been super close but now that there’s been a change in family dynamics and in their respective careers, there seems to be a rift between two. After the exchange between Tsubaki and Azusa and Azusa’s subsequent hospitalization, Tsubaki seems to have blame himself for Azusa’s state.


“Siblings that are born together are said to share on soul.”

Tsubaki’s having waaaay too many dreams about his present state. He’s got way too many things on his mind… from his career, to his feelings for Chi, to Azusa’s wellbeing… and all just bundles into a bunch of inception dreams LOL

9oAzusa’s slowly recuperating at the hospital and Chi’s been something of a liaison between Azusa and life at home. The rest of the brothers are also slightly worried about Azusa. Chi’s really concerned about her brothers and I’m so surprised that she would place herself as the middleman between the twins to help them reconcile their relationship.  I’m starting to feel a bit bad for Chi because I think she really wants to be a big happy family and not deal with sibling incest.

Tsubaki and Azusa totally remind me of Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club. One of them is stubborn and rash while the other is a bit more reserved and sensitive. Since Ouran, shipping twins seems completely natural in the realm of fan fiction 😉 KYAAAA!! – that moment when Tsubaki visits Azusa in the hospital. So sweet!!! >////<”””” In the end, Tsubaki ended up being Azusa’s substitute for the anime and it’s all worked out now that they’re both supporting each other.

laOMG that last scene before the previews! What does Chi find out from the family register??? Now we’re totally left hanging!!

– Cloudy

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