Free! Episode 7 Review

Free - Ep 7 (1)This week’s episode starts off 5 days before the prefectural tournament and we speed through the last days through a few snippets of events focusing on each of the characters.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Free - Ep 7 (99)

Free - Ep 7 (93)We get a bit more of Rin’s character development this episode. Turns out that he’s not just an angry and misunderstood teenager… It looks like the story of the typhoon wasn’t just a scar in Makoto’s past but also made a significant impact in Rin’s childhood. Rin’s father was the best swimmer of Iwatobi many years ago and he dreamt of going to the Olympics, but gave it up for a family life and became a fisherman but died in the typhoon storm when Rin and Kou were still kids.

Free - Ep 7 (68)Rin’s goal is to fulfill the dream his father couldn’t and the only thing standing between him and his dream is Haru. I’ve honestly never seen Haru so determined in his life. Though Haru’s immensely talented, Rin has been training hard day and night, his whole life’s been about being beating Haru in swimming.

At the tournament, Rin’s gotten even faster than before, pulling ahead of Haru in the first leg of the race. Though Haru catches up, ultimately landing in second place, he’s lost to Rin and as the swimmers climb out of the pool Rin declares that he’ll never swim with Haru ever again. Haru looks like he’s in complete and total shock by this… he really cherishes his friendship with Rin a lot more than it shows it.

On a side note, I think the captain of the Samezuka swim team is sweet on Kou. He’s so enthusiastic whenever he sees her! It’s adorable! 😉

I really thought the writers would make Rin and Haru tie in this early of a race but this must be an inciting event for another twist down the road. KYAA! I need the next episode now!! What’ll happen next? Why is Rin so adamant on cutting all ties with Haru and his old friends? Will the others be able to catch up? Gosh, the animation for the series is just so good!

I hope you guys enjoy these screenshots! I feel so bad for Haru and I hope that he reconciles things with Rin at the end… Thank you so much for dropping in and reading!

– Cloudy

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