Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 7 Review

CaptureSeeing as how this episode starts off with a feverish Illya, nothing exciting happens throughout the first fifteen minutes of the show. This episode’s mainly about friendship building, downtime and a lot of light comedy after all the card collecting, life and death battles and action. After all, this IS a magic girl show, let’s keep it light, shall we folks?

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

tI would love to have Ruby or Sapphire as my magic girl wand, especially since they come with audio communications and video webcam capabilities.

We do find out that Miyu is really a maid in Luvia’s house. Luvia took her in and provided for her livelihood and in return, Miyu cares for her every-day needs. Looks like Illya’s closet anime otaku really has a thing for maids! (LOL) I wonder what Miyu’s background is in all of this, Luvia doesn’t seem like very generous and caring type (hopefully she doesn’t come kill me in my sleep for saying that).

“Being both a magical girl and a maid is such a rare character type!” – Illya


It’s the first time we see Ruby and Sapphire converse and share memories in a magical synchronization LOL Thanks for the super awkward and hilarious sexual innuendo Ruby. Geez.

Though Ruby’s super’s optimistic about Illya’s entire transformation into a Heroic Spirit in battle, what does the future hold for Illya and Miyu? It seems like right after Illya and Miyu establish some basis of friendship, everything falls apart with the new battle and appearance of the next card – Assasin.

ainDue to Illya’s fear in battle and her panic and emotional instability, she ends up being poisoned by one of the Assasins. When she’s paralyzed and attacked, she nearly causes the deaths of Miyu, Rin and Luvia. As a result of her ineptitude, her mana flares out of control and creates a giant crater of destructive magic, completely annihilating her attackers and everything in the surrounding radius.

“I remembered just how frightening this place was. Just what world I had set foot into…” -Illya


Miyu, practical and composed, having analyzed and weighed her pros and cons, refuses to fight with Illya any longer. Barely having salvaged her life and that of Rin and Luvia’s. This time, Illya actually remembers what she’s done… and it’s devastating to her.


“One wrong move, and everyone would have died. At your hands.” – Miyu

At the end of the episode with the breakup of the team, Illya flies off into a fit of frustration and despair. In the last scene and previews, I think Illya’s reached a point where she doesn’t want to fight anymore. What will be the inciting incident that prompts her back into the world of card collecting? I think this series is hitting a really nice balance between the classic magic girl elements and the theme of realism. Miyu and Illya seem to foil each other both in personality, character design and fighting styles as magic girls. Miyu’s always rational and calculating while Illya defers to her emotions quite often without any prior thought. You could even say that Miyu is sometimes too rational; she has the ability to easily bracket her emotions, even in the face of death and she’s only an elementary schoolgirl. I would expect most schoolgirls to fall under Illya’s category of flight instead of fight because of natural human instinct and self preservation. I guess the final battle for Illya is not only a physical one but an inner one.

For now, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Saber and Assassin have all been collected. The only class we haven’t seen is Berserker and I’m definitely looking forward to that epic battle. Will his Noble Phantasm be multiple lives? Or multiple Noble Phantasms? Or something entirely new?

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– Cloudy

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