Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 8 Review

nOkay, I’m really curious as to what happens next but I’m really unhappy with what they did with this episode… First off, one of the main characters die. And sure, she’s not a really major main character, but I’ve come to like her through the previous episodes.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent


I knew they were going to do something dark after all the happy memories episode we got last week but I didn’t know it was going to get THIS DARK THIS QUICKLY. We learn of something called Pair Annihilation. Since the Daemonia cards and the Elemental cards were two sides born from the same Aeon tarot cards, when two corresponding cards meet and fight, both are exterminated. In other words, both of their existences disappear.

purposeThis is not good, because with the annihilation of the Daemonia, also means the death of twenty two elemental tarot fighters. So far, the user of the Lovers cards have been already killed. The counterpart Daemonia card is the source of smaller Daemonia appearances in humans. So it turns out that you don’t actually kill the Daemonia until you destroy the source and by destroying the source, you also destroy the elemental tarot user.

What a pickle they’ve gotten themselves into. There must be something big planned because with hard set rules like this, there’s no way of getting out of the conniption that the story’s veered into.

BEWARE SPOILERS BELOW (Scroll quickly to skip!)

Remember that little blue eyed, blue haired girl/boy/baddie that we kept seeing in the previous episodes? His name is Cerebrum and he’s in cahoots with a politician in town who’s determined to win the race. What is Cerebrum meddling with and what exactly is he up to because we find out that he wants the user of the Sun Card, in other words, he wants to capture (or kill) Akari

I didn’t like the fact that Ginka was so quickly killed off. It seemed a little forced in the short amount of time we found out about pair annihilation and the ensuing battle where the team encounters the counterpart to the temperance card.



I have a feeling that perhaps Akari’s special powers have something to do with her mother. On Etia’s end, she calls the animal familiars (the crow and the cat), the Leguzario. Will we get peeks of the higher ups in Sephiro Fiore?

My biggest question is that if the Daemonia have existed for so long and Sephiro Fiore is this worldwife influential organization, why does it take THIS long to destroy all the Daemonia? Though it’s explained to us that the major counterpart Daemonia card holders were simply avoiding the elemental tarot users, surely there has to be some encounter of such events in the past if pair annihilation was true. What makes Akari different from the rest of the characters or past elemental tarot users (other than the fact that she’s our protagonist?) And why is Luna so obsessed enamoured with Akari.

This is all speculation and it’s just a thought, but I wonder what would happen if Luna’s twin sister was her counterpart Daemonia card holder? Would they both fight and die? Since the counterpart card holders seem to have a life on their own (wanting to “merge” with the elemental tarot users), what is the true form of a tarot user? Do you become a full user after merging light and dark? Or does one side take over the other?

Tune in next week to find out what happens next! Thanks for reading!

– Cloudy

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