Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 8 Review

alisCan the Gola Academy arc be actually called an arc? It definitely seems short for a two episode mini story. Was the whole point of it just to introduced Alis and Whisper to Ai? Every episode of Kaminai leaves me with a lot to think about. The way the world is in the story, how our world may become if people suddenly stopped dying. This episode was kind of a filler episode to develop Ai’s character.

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

qAi has begun to question her dream and what it truly means to “save the world.” After experiencing parts of the real world, she’s become a much more steadfast character. She’s no longer the naïve little girl who dreams to be a gravekeeper, believing that burying the dead will give them peace. What does it mean to rest in peace? Or live happily? What do we truly dream of and wish for? Kaminai really takes these questions and the stereotypical answers that we usually get in today’s world and turns them on their heads in this strange and supernatural post-apocalyptic world.

99First and foremost in this episode is the escape of the students from Gola Academy. What happens then? No, really, the escape lasted the entire twenty five minutes of the episode and it wasn’t that dramatic either. The real focus of this episode was, like I said earlier, about Ai’s intrapersonal struggle as well as her interpersonal struggle with Tanya. Since Tanya is a Reiragan, possessing the ability to see people and objects in colours and sounds, she sees clearest into the hearts of others. With Ai, she sees colours and sounds that are too bright and overwhelming for her to handle. In a sense, Ai, everything about her, embodies the hope and remaining light of the world with her ideals.

097The entirety of this episode answered my question as to what Alis’s special ability was. Originally I thought it was his ability to interact with ghosts but since everyone else can also see and talk to Whisper, that’s not the case. I thought the opening scene with Alis shooting a basketball into the net continuously was rather strange but it’s only till the end of the episode that takes us full circle back to the beginning.

climbIt’s only at the final confrontation between one of the school teachers and Alis, in which Alis shoots down the bullets fired by the teacher with his own bullets, that it’s revealed that he’s a Buzzer Beater, with the power of infallible accuracy and precision in aim. Damn that’s cool. Just as the gang’s let off by the teacher, Yuri arrives with the truck. On the road when Ai inquire about Scar, Yuri tells her that Scar’s been left behind…

In the preview later, it’s revealed that Ai will soon arrive at the place where gravekeepers are born. Now, have we met all the characters? Let’s check the opening and ending credits, shall we?

Hampnie, Yuri, Scar, Students of Gola, Whisper, Alis, Ulla and Celica, Kiriko, got it! Now let’s wait for the giant build up to the climactic finish of the series…

– Cloudy

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