Hatsune Miku Live Party Concert Screening

The Hatsune Miku Live Party Concert Screening was a great way to end my FanExpo weekend on Sunday. Though it took place in a movie theatre setting and it was only a screening of a Hatsune Miku concert, all the fans were still cheering and waving and singing to every song. It was tons of fun and I really hope that Crypton Future Media brings the concert over to Toronto soon!

Hope you guys like these photos! Thanks for dropping in!

– Cloudy

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2 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku Live Party Concert Screening

  1. I too hope that Crypton will bring the concert to Toronto at some point; hopefully enough people in the GTA filled out the “Help Us Find You” form on Mikubook. The fact that the official Hatsune Miku FB page posted about the event is also very promising.

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