Makai Ouji Episode 8 Review

9A very exciting and densely packed episode, to say the least. It begins with a descent of an angel in the presence of Pastor Kevin Cecil/Uriel. In terms of main plot development, I suspect this episode is a major turning point for all parties in heaven and hell but how the events will affect William has yet to be determined…

“I am the highest, most righteous of all angels… Neither the demons nor the Elector are my enemies. The only one I have a problem with is Lucifer.”

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

urielThe archangel Michael seems to be a beautiful and heavenly contradiction of grace and ruthlessness. He’s blessed and divine in his position as the highest angel, the one most akin to God. However, he seems to have his own agenda when it comes to facing the demons of hell.

I’m getting the hint that Uriel was originally cast out of heavens, having one of his wings ripped off by Michael all because he wanted to protect and serve Solomon.

9873At the same time, a new student named Elliot Eden appears at the school. Elliot means “the Lord is my God” and Eden was the name of God’s garden of paradise for Adam and Eve; definitely a fitting alias for the archangel.

You would think that William would become intensely suspicious of new students seeing as the previous two were both demons but he doesn’t seem to care WHAT Elliot is. Elliot only seriously gets William riled up after challenging him academically. Dantalion’s far more perceptive and powerful than Sytry in my opinion. He immediately senses something off about Elliot.


“He’s definitely not a demon, but there’s something off about him. There’s… too much light.” – Dantalion

981I almost thought Elliot was going to stay at the school for a while just to mess with William’s regular life. After all, Elliot’s already been framed William for cheating and William’s been locked up. Luckily, the Head Boy (AKA Camio, protégé of Beelzebub) isn’t convinced that William is the culprit and offers to help William clear his name. (Oh how I love Camio) But what’s ironic about the whole thing is that Isaac is determined to prove William’s innocence with the use of a charm (compass?) and the “holy power of the archangel Michael, defender of justice”

tenshiDuring William’s court prosecution, Michael pauses the trial and traps William and Isaac in a Rose Barrier. Sytry intervenes but he’s not powerful enough to stop the angel. Michael’s decided to give William “ecstasy,” making him a blind slave and pawn to heaven. Dantalion arrives just in time to save William. In terms of character development, I think Dantalion emerges a much stronger character than the rest. I know he has a back story… we just haven’t gotten there yet. Even Michael calls Dantalion cruel, cold and brutal.

Dantalion and Michael are about evenly matched. Just as Dantalion’s about to deliver the final blow to Michael, Uriel intervenes and William is hinted of Kevin’s connection in all this. Uriel asks Dantalion to spare Michael for if anything happened to the angel, heaven would respond with its full wrath, placing William in even more danger. Dantalion agrees, but calls out Uriel on his actions and his secrets. And I’m sitting here waiting for that moment when William finds out about his butler’s secrets. When Michael retreats for the day, William and the others are thrown back into the student trial. Luckily, the Head Boy arrives just on time with the real culprits who cheated on the test.

indDown in hell, things are getting more precarious by the moment. Lucifer may never awaken. In fact, he may fade and vanish. With he prominent appearance of Michael, heralding heaven’s interest in the race in hell, Astaroth tells Lamia that they’re to bring William to hell for his protection. (Well, we’ll just have to see what William thinks of all this)

astaroth_lamiaI know at some point, William’s going to have to change his attitude towards the magical and mystical. Sometimes I want to smack him for preaching physics and atom theory to demons. That scene where William is speaking to the court, we get a foreshadowing glimpse of the wisdom that resides in his/Solomon’s soul.

“I, William Twining, hearby plead not guilty. I do so because I take great pride in my own intelligence. Those with great wisdom are not intimidated by adversity. In short, no test of any nature has ever presented a threat to me!” – William

89I’m waiting, waiting and waiting in great anticipation for that moment when Uriel agrees to give William his ring back because there needs to be some meeting of William and Solomon in his inner-mind. Then hopefully the wisest man on earth can convince the most practical and disbelieving boy to acknowledge the occult.

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– Cloudy

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