Kimi no Iru Machi, A Town Where You Live Episode 7 Review

I kept putting off this review because I knew this episode was going to be sad. AND IT WAS. Kyousuke’s illness and his impending surgery puts everyone in a strained position. The success rate is low and ultimately it’s Kyousuke’s decision…

Rating: 4.5/5 teary clouds45 CloudswiththeFeels

110Kyousuke’s childhood friend, Kiyomi Asakura, bursts into the hospital room one day, angry and frustrated that Kyousuke won’t take the surgery. She actually slaps Eba two minutes into the episode! Things get intense! Haruto can definitely sympathize with her crush on Kyousuke as Haruto’s in a similar position regarding Eba.


Kyousuke decides to return to school. He and Haruto have a nice heart-to-heart. Kyousuke points out that Eba smiles a lot when she’s talking about Haruto and ponders whether or not Eba’s dating him due to his illness. He decides to get the surgery, to see if Eba truly chose Kyousuke because of him and not out of pity. I give Haruto and Kyousuke mad props for keeping their friendship going despite Eba getting between them.

We don’t get much of the details of the surgery and we’re taken directly to Kyousuke’s funeral. Asakura prompts Haruto to check out the alter, where Kyousuke left something for him. He’s approached by Mishima afterwards who seems so composed about the funeral but it suddenly cracks when Haruto asks after her.


“He’d be happier if I laughed.” – Mishima

kyousuke3Gosh, the music is so beautiful; that moment when Haruto walks up to the altar and sees the helmet with the note to Haruto, the tears just fall. Eba meets up with Haruto after the funeral to give Kyousuke’s helmet and Haruto in turn tries to comfort Eba in her grief… Haruto’s such a good guy. She wonders aloud whether or not they’ll ever meet again… and the episode ends.

funeralI LOVE the new ending song! Seems like with the end of the first arc, we’re quickly thrown into the beginnings of the second one. I really admire the transition, instigated with one dramatic line of dialogue at the end of the episode. I can’t wait for the release of the full version! But what lies in store Eba and Haruto now that Kyousuke is gone? Eba is becoming one of my favourite characters of the show, I hope she doesn’t disappear for too long because there’s more of Mishima in the previews and I’m a diehard Eba X Haruto fan.

I realized that the director does a lot of extreme close-ups to many of the character’s faces so a lot of the screenshots this week depict the facial expressions of the wide range of characters. The character designs make the characters easily distinguishable and their personalities are brought out so much more by this fact.

I hope you guys liked this review and we’re finally all caught up with last week’s anime releases!

– Cloudy

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