Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 9 Review


Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited cloudsCrop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

2I would call this episode a reaction episode due to all the big reveals in the last one. Remember the pair annihilation phenomenon? Since the big reveal, everyone’s trying to cope with it in their own way. A lot of the episode explores the interpersonal interactions and intrapersonal struggles of the character.s However, the momentum of the story doesn’t entirely die down. This episode’s high rating really comes from the climax of the twist ending.


It starts off by closing up the last of Ginka’s death. Her father’s already been told the news and he’s taking it rather well… all things considered. Now, with the death of their comrade, the whole Sephiro Fiore branch is at a standstill. Even Seira, who’s usually the most level-headed one is pretty shaken up. Death , for the elemental tarot users seems more prominent than ever.

“I don’t know why Ginka chose to disappear. I’m trying to understand it, but… this should never have happened.” – Akari

neeThe rest of the episode focuses on Luna’s return home. Aside from her insecurities as a elemental tarot user, memories of her sister, Selena, who went missing many years ago, starts to surface as she fears losing Akari as well. When Akari does visit Luna the fake Akari that is), things heat up hinting at a bit of Yuri between fake Akari and Luna. I can just see all the Akari X Luna fanfictioning away.

Two interesting things really happen at the end of this episode…

1)      The invention of the dummy card… when you meet your anti-card, hopefully the anti-card will think that the dummy is the elemental tarot user and the girls will have a chance to escape

2)      Cerebrum (creepy blue haired boy/girl), who was the fake Akari, stabs Luna with the anti-Emperor tarot card, forcing a Daemonia into an elemental tarot user.

YES! I have been waiting for this dramatic twist to take place since we first saw hints of Yandere in Luna. The episode ends before Akari and Seira are sent into battle. It is and isn’t a cliff-hanger because we know that Akari and Seira are going to fight Luna but at the same time the details of the battle are kept from us. Stay tuned for the super exciting episode next week!

– Cloudy

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