Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 9 Review

It seems like many of the episodes are totally picking up in twist action excitement. William finally gets his ring. Michael threatens to rip off Uriel’s last wing and we find out that Kevin/Uriel was the Angel of Repentance in Solomon’s time.  Heaven sends an army out and a crystal angel barrier is placed around the academy. I really don’t know which side to take. The demons are violent but the angels seem crazy. However I think I’d side with Dantalion…

“It seems Heaven only knows how to do the same thing over and over. Steal a human’s will, force them to worship, turn them into a mindless puppet… You angels are far more merciless and cruel than any demon ever was!”

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Favourite moment: When heaven’s ecstasy doesn’t take to William because, Uriel hypothesizes that William’s not religious at all! LOL DAMN WILLIAM YOU’RE A HEAVY SLEEPER!

Once you sell your soul, you become a nephilim and may interact with the saints. The most intriguing part of this entire episode is the back story on Gilles de Raise/Baron Bluebeard, who fell in love with Jeanne AKA Joan of Arc and who originally became a demon to see her again. Apparently, Joan had received ecstasy from heaven all those years ago. Now, she’s tasked with leading the army of heaven against hell. Raguel and Gilles fight it out. Uriel joins later and luckily Dantalion intervenes to stop Gilles’s madness.

Overall, I see the demon characters are all more three dimensional than the angels. Perhaps because the angels only follow “god’s will” in their blind faith and carry out orders that their superiors command but each demon seems to have his own agenda set in the interim race in hell. I could see extra bonus episode devoted to the storytelling of each demon’s back story. Of course, some choose to sell their souls to hell while others fell under due to their sins. I’m so very interested in the demons of this series.

There are only three episodes left in the anime so everything that’s happened this episode is paving the way for the grand battle (that we may or may not see) between heaven and hell. I’m really excited for William to retake his rightful position as Elector. Up until now, it seems like Dantalion and the rest of the demons have been sheltering him from the main conflict between both parties.

On a last and sort of related note… Fate/Zero Caster Bluebeard vs Makai Ouji Gilles de Rais Bluebeard?? (Who do you think is more badass?)

Thank you guys so much for reading. Enjoy these screenshots and stay tuned for next week’s episode!!

– Cloudy

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