Kimi no Iru Machi, A Town Where You Live Episode 8 Review

Whoa, time skip!! We’re thrown a year and a half further into the future where Haruto’s about to enter university and currently dating Asuka. Haruto and Asuka make plans to take a vacation together and Haruto gets a job in order to make money. Everything happens mostly in linear sequence so I’m really listing things as is in this review. We’re introduced to a lot of the current events surrounding Haruto as well as how all the other characters are doing. We’re probably entering a second arc and phase of Haruto’s life.

Rating: 3/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

neeAt the supermarket where he works, he bumps into Eba’s younger sister, Rin who encourages him to go after Eba since he originally transferred from Hiroshima to Tokyo for her. It’s nice to see Haruto move on from Eba and continue his life but I wonder if he’ll ever get back together with her. (Hopefully the light novel gets officially translated!)

2999Well… Asuka hitting Haruto with the baseball bat seems familiar. An upperclassman asks Haruto to participate in a group date and Asuka’s strangely okay with it. AND it just so happens that Eba’s part of the group of girls on the group date. Eba’s so much prettier now! At the end of the meal, Eba and Haruto end up leaving early together and they catch up a bit now.

Rin really stirs up some trouble when she interrupts Haruto and Asuka’s conversation in the supermarket, pointing out that Haruto recently met up with Eba at the group date. I wonder if she’s intending to play matchmaker.

“Then, why Asuka-san? I don’t see what you find attractive about her… She’s just a girl that happened to be nearby. Aren’t you compromising? Asuka-san feels kind of unrefined. She doesn’t seem right for you.” – Rin

I’m surprised how Haruto is handling everything with Rin. Even though Rin seems to want her sister to get back together with Rin, she starts hitting on him herself and kind of steers Haruto into agreeing to go out with her. I hope Haruto doesn’t turn into the annoying slice-of-life hero that ends up jumping from girl-to-girl before breaking all their hearts.

– Cloudy

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