Genei Wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 10 Review

I literally watched this episode, left it for a few days and totally forgot everything that happened in it… that’s not good for reviews. Nevertheless! I’m going to go with my first rating which I luckily wrote down before I closed the document when I first finished the episode.

I really can’t watch this episode in a public place… especially when crazy Daemonia Luna appears.


6Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

After Seira, Meltina and Priscilla are put out of commission due to the appearance of Daemonia Luna as well as the Joker and Magician anti-cards. After being bitten by Daemonia Luna, Seira’s tarot powers have disappeared, leaving Akari to fight on her own. I wonder how long the anti-card problem is going to drag out before Cerebrum reveals his ultimate plan.


87We finally find out who the talking animal familiars are! The crow is Laplace and the cat is Schrodinger, they are messengers from the Legazario to Sephiro Fiore in order to exterminate the Daemonia. As long as Luna is a Daemonia, the Legazario will probably send out orders to have her killed. But in the battle between Akari and Luna, it seems that Luna still has some part of her human heart left in her despite being controlled by a Daemonia.

31There seems to be something that Etia needs to tell Akari, but she says that whether or not it’ll be good for her is up to her to decide. We’re slightly hinted at Akari’s past again, when she visits her mother’s grave. My gut feeling tells me that everything regarding Akari’s powers links back to her mother while all the other secrets of the series can only be revealed through Sephiro Fiore. It seems like Akari’s been isolated from the all the other characters and it’s becoming a testament to her strength since Cerebrum takes this moment to try and capture her. (I almost thought little girl Cerebrum was Etia’s daughter… character designs need to be a bit more distinguishable). Luckily, she gets a phone call just in time which distracts her from Cerebrum’s spell.

879On Seira’s end, she’s snuck out to town… I guess in terms of character development, it’s arguable that she’s placed at a standstill since she’s pretty much powerless in the fight against the Daemonia… and now after the episode’s recap, I’ve remembered why I gave this episode its fourth star. The episode ends with the townsfolk setting fire to Sephiro Fiore, having been brainwashed by Cerebrum. Akari, Etia, Ariel, Laplace, Schrodinger and the three sisters all escape together (perhaps to Akari’s old fortunetelling home?)

7868The burning down of Sephiro Fiore is definitely a twist at the end of the episode. You don’t normally see magical organizations that easily taken down… I didn’t think witch hunts still existed in this day and age, way to go producers.

akari2All our characters have now been uprooted from their comfort zone, in all ways possible. The idea of tarot card magic girls was interesting to begin with but now I feel like the series has really slowed down in pace. Everything could have revealed much quicker and there is a lot more room for the plot to expand on the Daemonia and potential conflict in this world. A large part of this is really due to the dialogue. None of the characters ever say anything that moves the plot forward, a lot of it is fillers that take place in scenes that have been repeated over and over again.

I’m really just waiting for the big finale now.

– Cloudy

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