Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 10 Review

The events of this episode make me think, “Ah… now I’m caught up.” Remember all those spare scenes of Alis sitting in class staring outside at the Ferris Wheel? It was all leading up to this.

48With this episode, I believe we are introduced to a new arc which regards Alis and Dee. Alis and his ghostly friend is not actually from the outside world… well, originally they were. Alis has been living in a world that the students of Class3-4 modified and created from a very powerful wish. Something must have happened to the class making them desire such a wish because their entire town is now trapped in a never-ending temporal loop that occurs each year, suspending the town in an unchanging state. Alis has brought Ai and her companions in order to figure out a way to stop this cycle.

Rating: 4/5 interested clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

I enjoy travelling with Ai from the audience perspective. She never seems to get freaked out by strange and supernatural occurrences in the world because of his past. She quickly grasps that the world she’s entered is not natural. Throughout the episode, in between our main characters settling into the town, we get bits and pieces of Alis and Dee’s past. From the quest to search for an exit from the loop world to his endeavours to change and affect the students of Class3-4 so that perhaps at least one of them will notice that the abnormal world. However, despite the destruction he causes and the blood he sheds, the world “resets” back to normal after irreparable damages.

Alis reveals to Ai and the others that he has one enemy in this world and this enemy is Dee. I wonder if the wish was instigated by Dee because she was so utterly traumatized by whatever happened in the past.

76A really great introduction to the next part of the story but I do have a few questions…

How come Alis gets to come and go between worlds? And why was he and Dee the only two participants that are let out?

What is the deal with the world and the power of wishes?

What’s Class 3-4’s back story?

What does Ai “saving the world” actually entail in the finale?

Can’t wait to see the rest!

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

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