Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 10

Oh how the School Festival forever interjects into even the most serious of series… not that Makai Ouji is intensely dark and serious anyway, but still, school festivals always seem inserted into many school set series. While sometimes there is a point to it, other times I’m not so sure. Originally, I did give a lower rating to this episode, but its moments of hilarity saved it from dropping below a three but luckily we are warned that this is an “intermission” to the story.


Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

I’d like the break this episode up into two separate parts which are related due to William’s evil little ingenious plan to get the demons to do his bidding so that he can raise his grades and boost the funds for his tuition. The first part really introduces the workings of this school festival, especially to those who have never participated in one *cough*Dantalion. Isacc’s selling tea, Sytry’s selling his looks with the help of Gilles, who’s coincidentally appeared out of nowhere to help out. Dantalion’s monopolizing the corner of meatheads while Camio is, well, we don’t actually find out what Camio does…

The second part is a school cook-off between Dantalion’s butler, Baphomet and Sytry’s butler, Leonard. I really don’t know what the point of all of it is, especially William disregarding the winner and having both of them work as chefs in the café ANYWAY to pay off the show. Seriously if someone asked me what happened in this episode, I’d tell them a goat and a ram fought it out… culinary style. I would love to throw Sebastian into the butler battle, after all, he’s a phantomhive butler 😉

William: Is there some kind of law in Hell that mandates these reactions when you eat food from there?

Dantalion: What exactly do you think Hell is?

Overall, however, this episode was a funny filler break to our regularly scheduled episode and despite William’s brilliant festival maid and butler café, the Head Boy – Nathan/Camio ends up winning. Before the final credits, we do get Duke Ballberith telling us things are going to get serious from now on. I did have a feeling that the writers were doing another happy times preceding dark twist juxtaposition so that the upcoming events pack even more of a dramatic punch to the climax of the show. Now judging by the look of the credits, it seems like we’ve pretty much almost all of our characters. With only two episodes left, I wonder if they could have gotten rid of this filler episode and lengthened out the final conclusion of the series instead but perhaps in retrospect, my opinion of this will change in the final verdict post.


88Most, if not all the events of this episode were unwarranted but make for a light laugh before the final conclusion. At this late point of the series, I have seen little to no character development at all. We’ve gotten scarce moments where William seems interested in Dantalion through his display of protectiveness and his actions and we’ve also been given some back story of each of the demons. However, nothing I feel as if the story’s lightly skimmed the surface of the constructed world and I’m sadly disappointed that we haven’t gone deeply into the political inner-workings or intense conflict between heaven and hell. I thought heaven was leading an army against Hell! Didn’t turn out to be such a catastrophe, considering how everyone has time for a school festival…

54William annoys me. No really. He was charming to me in the beginning because he was such a realist, it made for many comedic moments in the series but we can’t completely blame his lack of character development because nothing in the excitement and action of the plot has really spiked after Michael’s visit to the academy. I really pray (half pun intended), that some earth-shaking event is going to push William out of his realist mindset, or that the spirit of Solomon’s soul will come upon him so that we may get some Elector grand-ness out of the boy. I want more action!

– Cloudy

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