Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 11 Review

CaptureHey guys, this week’s episode of Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou was a real treat because both sides of the elemental tarot and daemonia are finally past the blind fighting magic girl battles of bloodshed that we’ve seen for so long.

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Like I guessed from last week’s episode, Akari has taken everyone for Sephiro Fiore all the way back to her old Auntie’s house and things are both at a standstill in the main plot and moving quickly downhill in the sub character plots. Seira’s wandered off and stumbled upon Cerebrum and Luna. Cerebrum tempts her to kill Luna in her sleep in order to obtain her lost powers. Etia and Ariel struggle with their orders from the Leguzario pertaining to Akari’s secret.

1630Luckily Etia’s willing to reveal Akari’s secret to her even though the Leguzario says otherwise. For all the hype and drama that’s built up around this organization, I really wanted to see at least a hooded menacing figure looming over Laplace as he reports Etia’s actions to the Leguzario. But we only really see a bunch of Grecian-styled pillars and a desk.

In terms of the big reveal of Akari’s secret, the fact that she can hear the Daemonia due to her mixed blood from an elemental tarot mother and a Daemonia infected father, I really wish it wasn’t THAT CLICHÉ. For the biggest reveal of the series, if they’d hinted at anything of her father, anyone could have guessed her origins but the reason that no one suspected the Halfling trope was because there was only ever a mention of her mother. I’m not very satisfied with this quote unquote plot twist and even rather disappointed.

35One interesting piece of information revealed was that the Astralux must be some magical entity sort of thing, due to it staying intact despite the destruction of the entire Sephiro Fiore. I wonder if it perhaps links all the other branches together because the three sisters once mentioned that there are upper levels in the Astralux that deny them access…

69The most suspenseful moment and perhaps a bit of a saving point to the anticlimactic reveals of this episode is the fact that Akari contemplating joining Cerebrum in exchange for Luna’s life and Seira’s powers at the same time that Seira’s just drawn blood on Luna. I’ll finish the series, but only to see how the writers have decided to wrap this up. Will it be a giant battle to the death between Akari and the others? Or Akari and the others against Cerebrum?

– Cloudy

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