Kimi no Iru Machi Episode 9 and 10 Review

Hi everyone! If you’ve checked out my latest Cloudy Says post, you’ll know that I am still internet-less and I have been scouring the streets for internet restaurants and starbucks… yes, I’ve been drinking a lot of Starbucks for the sake of this blog *determined face* No really! It’s for the blog! I swear!

But today, I thought that since we’re behind, I’d combing Kimi no Iru Machi’s latest two episodes so we’re a caught up a bit quicker. Remember the time skip? Well, after drifting apart for a few years, Eba and Haruto are slowly rekindling their friendship.

Episode 9 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

2It seems like Rin’s got some tricks up her sleeve. She’s certainly matured, coming from the girl who hated her older step-sister, to the helpful younger sister who’s trying to pull Haruto and Eba back together. Though, I wonder if she may have some personal intentions towards Haruto as well, she seems to enjoy teasing him quite a bit.

3After Haruto spends the full day at the amusement park with Eba, under the impression that Haruto’s just there to buy a cellphone strap for his girlfriend, all seems… relatively back to normal since Eba and Haruto both cling to that flimsy, but useful excuse to keep their outing platonic. Later when Haruto and Asuka are talking about their trip plans, Haruto falls asleep in the middle of the conversation and a phone rings. I felt like this was one of, if not the most significant moment of this episode because Asuka answers it and she seems slightly irked around Haruto the day after. Was it actually Rin who called like what Haruto guessed?

6The ending of the episode changes up the new rhythm that the time skip sets. Since Asuka’s mother is undergoing surgery, her plans with Haruto have shifted. She encourages Haruto to take a trip to Hiroshima to visit his own parents while she’s gone so that they both can return to Tokyo together on the same day. Coincidentally, Eba visited Haruto at his job to tell him that she’ll be visiting Hiroshima with Rin in the near future. Also, in the previews there are definitely shots of Haruto and Eba. Since I thoroughly enjoyed the Hiroshima flashbacks between Eba and Haruto and leaves me super excited for this next part of the review.

Episode 10

When we start off this episode, Haruto’s bid farewell to Asuka as she leaves for home and he proceeds to meet up with Eba to give her a necklace. The clover necklace was officially a gift for her two years ago, but now Haruto’s gone through with the gift to wholly resolve his feelings for Eba. However, I wonder how long that’ll last…

Episode 10 Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

15It’s nice to see the old characters appear after so many episodes and the little pieces of Haruto’s Hiroshima memories come into the forefront of his mind once more as he bikes down the same roads and gazes upon the same starry skies and to that same lake where he asked her to start a long distance relationship with him.


Just when he thinks that he won’t see Eba in Hiroshima, he bumps into her. She thought he was on a trip with his girlfriend and he thought she didn’t come because of Rin. They reminisce a bit by the lake.

“it’s not good, right? Standing in one place forever… So I want to move on with you… As two friends, of course. Right?” – Yuzuki Eba

21It’s weird. Going back to the same place where you once went to school with all those fading memories, feelings of nostalgia, the happiness and the pain. By the school, Rin, Eba and Haruto run into each other and all the old high school friends finally get to meet up.

After knocking over some of the food by accident, Eba accompanies Haruto to the supermarket on his bike once more. Wow, it’s really been a while for both of them… Haruto asks Eba what she’d do if she’d found a boyfriend again and he insists that he’s looking out for her as a friend. Well, at least they’re trying to have a normal friendship again but of course that doesn’t last long, as Eba tells Haruto that she has something on her mind that she wants to get out. The episode ends like that and I’m SO CURIOUS as to what Eba’s going to say to him!


“She points at them, and the flowers shine. The fragments of light illuminated the feelings that were hidden deep in my heart…” – Haruto

I can’t get enough of that new ending song. I really hope it gets released soon! I hope you guys liked this double whammy review and I will talk to you guys soon!

– Cloudy

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