Alice in the Country of Hearts – The Clockmaker’s Story Review

1462898In all honesty, Julius the Clockmaker wasn’t one of my favourite characters of the originally Alice in the Country of Hearts series but as the story progressed I grew to appreciate him as a steady and important role-holder in Wonderland.

This spin-off volume of Alice in the Country of Hearts follows the events that Alice would have happened upon if she had fallen in love with Julius. Though the Country of Clover and Country of Joker are both interesting in their own right, the Country of Hearts is still my favourite. In this land, the Clock Tower is the one neutral zone amongst the warring territories of Heart Castle, the Hatter Mansion and the Amusement Park.

Rating: 4.5/5 happy cloudsCrop_45 Clouds Transparent

DSC_0021bThis volume is a single stand-alone so the events are set to wrap up by the end of the book. I’m still trying to figure out if this part of the story should attach itself to the middle of the original story so that Alice stays with Julius and we pretend that the ending with Blood never happened in the first place. In the original story, Julius is a stern and stubborn workaholic that stops for no man (or woman). What I enjoyed about this story was seeing his character slowly change to accommodate Alice into his life.


Favourite moment of the story- When Julius finally makes a move on Alice, she’s asking for his explanation in between kisses, but he tells her that he’s not articulate about these things, and continues to kiss her anyway. I found this moment really sweet because it’s so utterly Julius. Often with side stories like these, some of the character’s personalities are changed a bit to accommodate the romantic ending with the main heroine but Quinrose really stuck true to Julius’ character which makes this my favourite ending arc aside from the main story.


Blood is definitely my personal choice if I had to pick an ending but judging from Alice’s personality, her discomfort with violence and her easygoing personality, I think falling in love with Julius would be the most realistic ending. He’s a neutral party in the game and Alice comes to understand and even appreciate his difficult, controversial but necessary role in Wonderland.

This volume definitely exceeded my expectations. The only thing I would have wanted differently was for Julius’s story to span at least two-three volumes. Mamenosuke Fujimaru did an excellent job with the manga art. Fans of the series, I strongly suggest you pick up the volume right away. Shojo readers, I urge you to give this one-shot a shot and regular shonen readers… don’t read this LOL. It’s a cutesy romance for girls.

– Cloudy

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7 thoughts on “Alice in the Country of Hearts – The Clockmaker’s Story Review

  1. I love,love, love the Alice x Julius pairing. But then again…I love majority of the pairings, but,but Alice and Julius is rea—lly wonderful! I agree with you that personality-wise,Julius fits Alice very well! I am so glad Kinokuniya carries the books here in Singapore! I was wondering, have you read Alice in the Country of Hearts:Love’s Labyrinth of Thorns?It’s another Julius x Alice book, though by a different artist. I’ve read it, and would love to hear what you think about it!

    • I love this manga, too. Julius makes sense for Alice as a steady love interest. In other words, I think he is marriage material for her. Most of the other guys are really the type you would have a passionate love affair with, IMO.

      • yes, he does! their interactions are eally what you’d like to see in a stable relationship! haha, marriage material is right! the other guys do have a more exciting aspect, that’s right! though, if you’ve read boris x alice manga, he’s actually a really nice match for her too, though in a different way than julius!

      • I read the Boris manga Cheshire Cat waltz and I must say it’s super good! I wasn’t even thinking anything much of Boris but after the manga I’m like “wow, I can’t believe how nice he would be as a bf!”

      • i was partial to boris already, and when i read that, it was awesome! i loved their sweet moments! right? he’s really awesome as a boyfriend, and woah, character development was great!

      • Each character brings a different “flavor” of romance. Blood is the rich older man/alpha male, for example. Boris, to me is that “high school romance” boyfriend type – young, carefree, and sweet.

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