Demon Love Spell Volume 4 Review

Demon Love SpellI am a really big shojo lover. I love the blushing confessions and beautiful falling cherry blossoming scenes. However, there was just something about this volume that I didn’t enjoy as much as the other ones. I feel as if the story’s gone a bit dull.

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

To recap…

“Miko is the daughter of the head priest of the otsubaki sjrinem and she is destined to follow in his footsteps. She works hard day and night to become a great priestess, but it seems she inherited none of her father’s powers…

One day Miko seals the power of the incubus Kagura – the strongest demon – by accident, and the two start living together. After defeating various demons they fall in love, though Miko is having trouble accepting her feelings for a demon.


Kagura spreads flyers around the demon realm to bring demons to the shrine, but his actions put Miko in danger. She narrowly escapes death and is saved by Miyui, a snow demon. However, now Miko’s father is amenable to Kagura’s requet to take Miko on an overnight trip?!”

A pretty decent summary of everything that’s happened up to this point. So far, Miko’s been struggling with her feelings for Kagura for quite a few chapters now and even though she’s all but accepted him into her life, she still hasn’t slept with him, nor has she really made any declarations or promises to him. That all changes in this volume; the chapters of this volume all but wrap up Miko and Kagura’s happily ever after… except, Kagura’s dad and Miko’s dad are both slightly shocked by this.


The little family spats are injected in small parts throughout the book. The first part of the volume retells the story of Legend of Princess Kaguya. Miko randomly sees a peach floating down the river, a baby pops out of it and she and Kagura act is surrogate parents until the baby – Momota grows into adulthood in the short span of a few days. Then a carriage from the moon comes and picks him up. Yeah, I’m really confused by the first point of the volume. I don’t entirely understand the point of it and I don’t think it serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things. I feel like it could have been taken out to be a bonus chapter.

After the first little Momota arc, the rest of the book has Kagura taking Miko to the demon world to tell his father that he’s going to take a human as his wife, Miko’s endless struggle to sleep or not to sleep with Kagura and at the end of the volume, Miko and her father’s souls get swapped. They make a huge deal out of it but when Miko’s mother gets home, she says a spell and just. Like. That. They’re swapped back.

I’ve been wondering if I can call the story “character-drive” because there isn’t really ANY character development AT ALL other than Miko’s dere modes becoming more frequent as she warms up to Kagura. When Kagura sidles up to Miko, she goes back into tsun mode so it’s really a back and forth kind of thing between the couple.  You can’t even call the story entirely plot-driven because nothing really happens to be honest. Small events just come along to put Miko in danger so that Kagura can save her. Other than the fact that Kagura is a slight pervert (due to him being an incubus which he can’t really help), he doesn’t have any flaws. He’s the “strongest” demon after all and as always, he’s the most gorgeous to look. Even Kagura’s brothers aren’t drawn with as much detail.

The cover art was really what attracted me to purchase volume 4 in the first place but I’m seriously contemplating whether or not I want to spend more money and continue purchasing the rest of the series.

– Cloudy

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