Brothers Conflict Episode 12 Review & Last Words

I have to honestly say that this concluding episode didn’t really incite anything in me which is why I put off this final review for so long. After Subaru’s leave, it seems like everyone is WAY to busy with the changes in their own lives to pay attention to their incestuous tendencies (LOL) Even Kaname is going into ascetic practices.

Rating: 4/5 complacent clouds Crop_4 ComplacentCloudst

I’m glad to see that some of the brothers though very affectionate towards Chi, only care for her in a brotherly sense. My favourite moment of the entire series is probably when Masaomi gives a lollipop to Chi for being a good kid. What a cute doctor!

When Chi and Yusuke check their university entrance exam grades, it turns out that only Chi’s gotten in. Seems like he was more worried about Chi than himself. More brotherly adorableness! Luckily, later at the family celebration for Chi, a letter arrives for Yusuke informing him that he’s actually passed. It’s the most dere moment for Yusuke >////< But it seems like the only one who’s stayed true to his mischievous nature is Futo, he gives a shout-out to Chi his fans on live television, irritating almost all of his siblings haha.

What I did like about this wrap-up was all the good sibling feels going around all throughout the episode. Chi finally calls one of her brothers “Oni-chan” and Louis encourages tells Chi that those moving on will always return as long as you hold them precious in your heart.

“My heart might waver like that leaf, but surely, one day, I think we can really become a true family. As real siblings.” – Chi

I felt like Chi’s only decisive moment of the series is when she tells Tsubaki, Azusa and Natsume that she’s not interested in them romantically. Her strong sense of familial love and unity is really steadfast and I admire that in her.

Personally, I ship Chi with Subaru. We see his character go from a rather childish infatuation with Chi to one who comes to understand the mutual respect of feelings which is why I really like him. Also, his interactions for Chi have also helped him reconcile things with Natsume, making him probably the most enlightened character of this series who’s grown into an adult who prioritizes his future over things like love.

Hikaru also comes out a bit to let Chi know that he’s been observing these brotherly conflicts from the sidelines but states that a new chapter, and new conflicts will begin soon, so there’s no need for the brothers conflict char. He burns it before her and wishes for her to feel peaceful in her heart.

Last Thoughts…

I’m a blogger, but I don’t have many last thoughts. Would I recommend this to other otome lovers? Yes. Is this a personal favourite of mine? Not really. There was quite a bit of drama in Chi’s interactions with the brothers and the interactions between the brothers themselves, but they were really small and almost miniscule. I didn’t see a whole lot of plot development other than the mini conflict stories between some of the brothers. If there is a season 2, then it will probably focus on the stories of the characters who had more of a minor role Masaomi, Ukyo, Hikaru, Wataru, Iori, Kaname… perhaps Louis?

Brothers Conflicts… (or fan-shippings)- Natsume and Subaru; Tsubaki vs. Azusa; Futo vs. Yusuke

“I could see you when I wanted to, but… the whisper of love is too close. That was us… siblings.”

I hope you girls liked this series. Hopefully I can get my hands on a download of the games. I’ve heard that since there are so many brothers, the game is split into two parts. Check that out if you loved BroCon and let me know what you guys think in the comments. Was this finale to your liking? Who do you think Chi secretly crushes on in the family?

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– Cloudy

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