Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 11 Review

Okay, now with the continuation of this episode, I see how the randomly off-to-the-side intermission parody of last episode is bracketed off as its own thing while the main plot and conflict rages on. This is ending in two days! There are only twelve episodes!

This episode, entitled “King and Ring” really says a lot about what’s coming up.


Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_5 Clouds Transparent


PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO GET ROWDY. Heaven’s starting to move against the Elector and now the respective rules of Hell decide to bring William under their safekeeping. As a result, Astaroth sends Lamia to pick up William and when she brings him to the assembly of demons, William’s anything but enthusiastic about the politics of hell and the dichotomy of heaven and hell. After a few refreshments and a little goading from Beelzebub who pushes William into a corner, William makes his exit (but not before insulting King Lucifer). A demon attacks him and Dantalion appears to save his ass… again.

54As Dantalion helps William to his feet, Solomon’s Ring of Wisdom falls out of his pocket and the demons go CRAZY. Duke Baalberith decides to move against William to take the ring and eat his soul. William puts on the ring, as a sign that he’s the heir of the Twining family and his a large portion of his powers are released in that instant.

We finally get the glimpse of Solomon and Dantalion’s meeting where Solomon binds him and makes him his first pillar. As the wisest man who ever lived, I have to say that the soul of Solomon scares me. That all-knowing gaze that he watches the demons with makes me uneasy. Should a human have such power over both realms? Even as Baalberith attacks William head-on, he’s pushed back by the sheer intensity of Solomon’s power.

7181The weird thing is, although William recognizes Baalberith, Astaroth, Camio and many others, he doesn’t seem to remember Dantalion when the demon sneaks up on him to take the ring off his hand. William, in unexpected busts of power brings upon destruction to hell, which really makes me wonder how big hell is, for Solomon to be doing such wide scale damage. On the other hand, it could be the level of Solomon’s power that surpasses any magic anyone’s ever seen.

I give this episode a full 5 star rating because a part of Solomon finally awakens in William and at long last, the great King is about to reappear. Still, I’m really curious as to Dantalion’s back story with William’s ancestor so hopefully everything in tomorrow’s episode, everything is wrapped up nicely.

– Cloudy

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